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Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism

In Dynamic SociologyLester Frank Ward laid Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism the philosophical foundations of the progressive Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism and attacked the laissez-faire policies advocated by Herbert Periodic Table Lab and William Graham Sumner. I worked in the Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism south and you explained Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism well. Purification to eliminate Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism and corruption was a powerful element as well as the progressives' support of worker compensation, improved child labor laws, Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism wage legislation, a limited workweek, graduated income tax and allowed women Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism right Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism vote. Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism point here Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism that Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism Obama was right the first time when Situational Irony In Harrison Bergeron Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism that acting in contradiction to congressional legislation Situational Irony In Harrison Bergeron unconstitutional. That's not what was the Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism expectation of the Supreme Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism. From there, Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism issues Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism have been resolved amicably and from a condition of mutual respect. These reformers Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism across a wide range of constituencies and issues, but their activism was Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism by Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism common Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism. U Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism Nebraska Press. Two people make a solemn vow.

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The trap was laid in earnest via the Kansas-Nebraska Act. The Wily Jews in London who owned American Industry through front men proxies knew it would develop into a bitter war. And it did, in Kansas, as the two sides, who hated niggers equally, fought over whether they should be used as farm equipment or sent back to The Heart Of Darkness. A terribly bitter war broke out over this issue in Kansas.

The Jews in London, the Money Power, using their Goy puppets in Whitehall, have known for centuries how to get the designated victim to fire the first shots, in a war dreamed up and planned in The City. It proceeded magnificently, and within a few short years Beauregard was bombarding Fort Sumpter, and the big war was on. The Money Power had a lot of men on both sides, well paid, trying to start this fratricidal war. Some Yankees commiting outrageous provocations aimed at creating a secession, other Yankees in Washington selling Southern States weapons within weeks of the first battles. And the Masonic Knights of the Golden Circle, that dominated the secession movement, who was paying them? Someone was! Starting that war was a difficult operation.

But with their centuries of experience, unlimited resources, control of newspapers north and south they succeeded. The South fell into the trap and was destroyed. Of course it can. The same people are pushing us in that direction. They would love for the South to fall again secede. Then their military could complete the genocide they obviously want. Nothing has been done. Prepare a ten year plan of armament. If you want a war, at least prepare for it. The crazies would not listen. It is almost as if their paychecks depended upon immediate secession.

I think that was exactly the case. Timing is everything. Timing and preparation. Now that the empire is beginning to unravel, do NOT give them a cause they can all rally around genociding the secesh. Let the empire fail. Let the dollar fail. Wait for them to lose the next big war. When it is all in tatters, then begin daintily suggesting some kind of limited autonomy. Freedom, real freedom, comes in bits and pieces. It needs men with wisdom and tact to negotiate, not fire-eaters. Men who understand that the years were a total failure for the South, and should in NO WAY be a model for our future. Versus the Southern practice of exploiting slave labor? Not paying them? Give us a hint. Thus those most vested in slavery, who profited most, were insulated from fighting for it?

All for incestuous trade with estranged Mother Britain despite hard-fought revolutionary separation? Commodities raised and harvested by slave-labor? They invited kin easily excited to war cannon fodder to protect their interests. And you allege Northern corruption? The South collapsed of its rotten fruit, selling-out valiant fighters fielded by slave-owner plutocrats your admission. The good news is that the Texas Taliban led by little cripple Abbot will continue to lead lemmings to self-destruction, just as in recent power failures, COVID infections and gun violence. It really takes a leader, after all, to invite all over the edge.

A lot easier than remedies. There are many, but why boast? Heritage and history are wonderful things. Why not book tickets back to where you came from? Thank You for your perspective. Irreconcilable differences are genuine and universal. Two people make a solemn vow. And still, we imagine that all races, beliefs, ideologies, practices, etc… can find common ground and live in harmony.

That is not only unrealistic, it is undesirable. The Nation that has attempted to be everything for everyone, now has no meaning for anyone. The naivete and niceness is what keeps the Midwest from being a unified White homeland. Unfortunately, they seem to have an attitude that exudes a sort of moral superiority that I believe comes from having been on the winning side. Sadly, you find that in a lot of places where there is White homogeneity. Take your shots, wear your masque, and go back to ordering grub hub, Bub. The more you stay indoors, the less the public has to be plagued with the likes of you. If it were, one of every three people that you know would be dead. But, never let a chance to frighten germophobic, hypochondriacs into their bubbles go to waste.

You appear to know nothing of the absolute squalor that Northern immigrant work forces toiled and lived in. Rat infested, disease ridden, overcrowded tenements. A work force that was as expendable as it was readily replaceable. Working twelve hour days, seven days a week, in dangerous conditions, life expectancies were frequently cut short. You also know absolutely nothing about the institution of Slavery.

You would never believe how many Slaves had a genuine affection for the people who had held them in bondage. There were many who stayed on, by choice, with their former Masters. Working from sun up to sun down, Monday through Friday, with an hour break during the afternoon. A half day on Saturday with Sundays off. This was normal for everyone, including the small farmers and those with a handful of slaves that worked beside them in the fields. Slaves on the larger Plantations often had better homes, had more variety in their meals, and lived longer than the average White person.

So many, wealthy, prominent, and propertied Men went to fight, and so many died, it became necessary to exempt some of them from service to maintain food and material production on the home front. If you look at the rosters of Southern Generals and Soldiers, you will find the cream of Southern Society listed among them. The same cannot be said of men like Theordore Roosevelt Sr.

The Republic was born, nurtured, and grew immensely during his lifetime. Prior to , Texas was sparsely populated. It took Settlers of his caliber to tame the land. Texas was bought and paid for by the blood of my ancestors. Who, or what, can you lay claim to? The Southern Culture, although, largely dormant, is still alive. I do my best to exemplify it on a daily basis. That modern influences have altered it, is unquestionable. Yet, there remains a deep down, heartfelt and soulful connection to the past that is present in every Southerner who chooses to embrace it. There are still ensembles who are playing the music that my ancestors would have been familiar with, and it is of a very different character than what passes as Country today.

It hearkens back to the old World, and to colonizers and settlers. What has been lost, I seek to recapture. As long as I am alive, then a remnant of the past remains. If I can pass what I have learned on to someone younger than myself, then I have done a small part to preserve our history. If more Southern Men begin to seek to emulate their forebears, then we always have a chance to reclaim our identity.

They are the ones who continue to chastise the South for Slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation etc… Northerners invaded us, dispossessed us, impoverished us, and then laughed because we were poor. They practiced their own form of segregation, coded and disguised by legal machinations. Whereas, Southerners were straight forward and honest about their discriminatory practices. Northern and Southern Soldiers were able to make peace after the War, because a mutual, but often grudging, respect developed between them.

Where is the reciprocation today? Northerners, by and large, disdain the Old South, and are quite frequently sanctimonious in their attitudes toward us. And, like their Granddaddies, they still insist that we join with them in their folly. The battle has never stopped raging, it only took a brief respite while we acquired an empire of commonwealths and protectorates, and fought a couple of World Wars. It is the South that is, and always has been, under attack. We merely wanted to be left alone. Demographics are destiny. The South is being deluged with folks from Latin America. Within ten years, the South will look more like Texas than West Virginia. Georgia, Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina are already purple well on their way to blue.

With White Americans experiencing demographic collapse, the South will disappear unless White Americans start raising families again. Great men such as Lee, Jackson, Forrest, and Davis are being erased from public places. As Mr Cathey so aptly stated:. The newcomers to the South do not care about the traditions, faith, or history of the region they now inhabit. White Americans must fight to conserve their heritage. Removing your children from public schools would be a good start. I take pen in hand to complain about my Piece. After months of assiduous care and maintenance of the Weapon M it failed to function at a critical moment endangering my life and the lives of other men in this Company.

Last night, at hours [3 A. To my chagrin, the weapon misfired. This anonymous letter is in the Congressional Record and,ipso facto,a significant part of Big History. That G. In the Northeast people rioted to prevent forced integration. George Wallace received millions of votes. Whites in the North fought like hell to stop the evil feds from destroying neighborhoods and cities. Whatever our past differences, regional, religious or historical, we have to put them aside now, and in the future, to preserve our race and build a homeland for our descendants.

The Battle for Richmond was a bloody affair with true warriors on both sides, if we can come together as many of those men did after the War Between the States, we can preserve our people. A lot. We risked our lives to comfort your casualties. Actually, it would seem that you are agreeing with me. Yankees wanted to keep their neighborhoods segregated, while insisting that we integrate ours. Abraham Lincoln had to argue for hours after putting the Emancipation Proclamation into effect, trying to assure Congress that the Northern climate would dissuade Negroes from moving there. After the War, these same Yankees continually boasted of freeing the Slaves and preserving the Union.

Regrettably, the Southern Men, following the War, became tools for the U. This type of indoctrination was, for many decades, effectively countered by the Soldiers, Wives, Widows, Sons and Daughters, who had personal experiences with the malicious destruction and avaricious thievery that had accompanied the Federal Army wherever it trod. The fact the George Wallace got millions of Votes, is clear evidence that the Southern People had not been subverted yet. Prior to that, it was still cause for being ostracized by your peers.

It was the generation immediately following mine that morphed into Whigroes. As odd as it may seem to an outsider, there used to be some very good friendships between Slaves and their Masters, relationships that extended far after the War was over and until one or the other was deceased. Even then, fond reminiscences found their way into publication from both former Slave Owners and Freedmen.

Booker T. Washington, in the first decade of the Twentieth Century, wrote of having long since ceased to harbor any ill will towards the people who had held him in bondage. He observed that the Negro in The South, at the dawn of the New Century, was in a better condition morally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, than any of his contemporaries anywhere in any part of the World. He wrote of the benefits offered by the English Language and Christianity.

He also warned of Negroes who would seek profit and aggrandizement by exploiting past grievances and injustice. The building burned in , but the stained glass survived. Are Southerners Saintly or Faultless? Absolutely Not! Thank You. I still remember when most Vietnam Vets were bitter and felt betrayed. Not as much by the Citizenry, or Protesters, but by the Government.

Now, these once disgruntled Veterans are now proudly sporting their Vietnam Caps and Bumper Stickers. Penal Colonies. At this time, we still surround them. The current ideology is more smell-based than thought-based. Wokery is a form of odorology. Mass media work on the senses and often bypass reason and logic. This thread just exploded suddenly, after sitting virtually unnoticed for nearly three weeks. I saw your posts this morning, but I had to leave before I could respond. When I returned, there was a tumult of comments, many directed at me.

I largely agree with you, there may be some minor points of contention. Lee in Richmond could be removed. The murder and destruction continues, only in a less conspicuous fashion. We are Murdered by the descendants of Freedmen, just as we were by the Union League after Reconstruction; until the Klan, Red Shirts and other vigilance committees reigned it in. The destruction is nonstop, as schools are renamed and transformed into juvenile delinquent detention centers that no self respecting Southerner would want their names associated with any longer, anyway.

Our Statues are dismantled, plaques removed, murals painted over, and our literature thrown in the garbage by libraries that deem it unsuitable material for their readers to peruse. Nothing can be over, if it is kept alive by the very attempts to eradicate it. In fact, a lot of sectional feeling, personal interest, and intellectual curiosity has been rekindled and fueled by the mad frenzy of demolition. Wallace got millions of votes in the North, not just the South. Only if the Palefaces stand together do we have a chance. Are you really unable to see that? Now, you have senile old Joe and his V.

I think most people, like me, just thought of his candidacy as a bad joke. Marco, Little Ricky, Cubio should go help liberate Cuba. I have no use for him or Ted Cruz. Linthy Gwaham, the lisping faggot is despised by most of the people that I know. But, he keeps getting elected. Bad Habits and the only choice offered by the Republicuck party? Who knows? My guess is that you make an excellent General from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy.

When this happens, our Confederate Flags will be seen by many in the North as it is viewed by those in Eastern Europe; where our Battle Flags often make appearances during protests and is universally emblematic to opposition to tyranny. Maybe, this is already occurring. When Hank Williams Jr. If the U. How in the fuck do you think the fucking JEW got us into this mess in the first place? By polarizing and spellbinding everybody with a grand buffet of boiling mindless hate and rage, something for everybody, and here you are playing right into their hands.

Shame on all of you! Good one! Oh, thanks for the rip-snorter, bud, I needed it. The world is secretly ruled by… Wakanda! It is hippy gen. Freedom of speech is a pillar supporting the USA as the beacon of freedom, human rights and democracy of the world. Blaming Jew as the culprit of polarizing and spellbinding everybody with a grand buffet of boiling mindless hate and rage is suppressing freedom of speech and turning off the beacon of freedom, human rights and democracy of the world. Northerners are a lot less obsessed with college sports. The situation never got nearly as out of control as what happened in the South, mostly because Northern boosters are less fanatical about their college football teams.

So your broader point is mostly correct. Sports cuckery definitely exists up to North, often to an extreme degree. The situation is not good. However, sending your college-aged daughter to have sex with blacks is still too much for the fathers here. With that said, I do agree that the North is pretty bad too. Northern men and some women are not exempt from my above criticism. I think living vicariously through mostly Black athletes is an issue that afflicts mostly White men throughout North America. If a bunch of protesters were trying to permanently shut down football stadiums, I guarantee you that White Southern men would protest and riot.

Until that happens, no football for anyone. This monkey, as well as the vast majority of American niggers, knows as much about the US Civil War as a 10 year old Japanese child. He had a shit ton more German and Irish immigrants to toss into his ill-advised meat grinders after that fiasco. The average White male is totally ignorant about the H1b visa program. Which QB has the best passing rating. Which offensive formation is most effective against a West Coast defense. On these topics, his encyclopedic knowledge and insightful analysis will truly impress you. The Jews are obsessed with ruling the world. The Chinese are obsessed with dominating the global economy.

The Muslims are obsessed with fighting Jihad literally everywhere. Then the other 4 days are spent watching ESPN and listening to sports radio. I have guys in my office who spend their lunch hour reading through sites that predict which high school athlete will be recruited by which university. Such sports. It becomes more amusing when see how almost all of these White male sports fans are unathletic, out-of-shape, flabby, weak, and lethargic. I should mention a large fraction of these guys probably over half are Republican.

With a huge Black population, the South is basically cursed in perpetuity. In the absence of White ethno-solidarity, the long-term future of the place is Brazil. No other part of America has the same demographic problem. Whenever the Black population gets too large anywhere, civilization collapses. Though I do oppose ALL immigration. And of course they toppled a statue of some nigger loving Swede Union officer last year, who our boys shot down at Chickamauga.

Are you high? Do you live in a little cabin on an island in the Canadian arctic? You better clock out and tell your boss there in Herzliya you need to quit the Hasbara racket and open a felafel stand. I think that you have some kind of sick fantasies about Negroids and Southern White Women. That this kind of thing occurs is sad enough, but for you to take such satisfaction from it is very telling about how you spend your free time. I find miscegenation to be among the greatest threats to our survival. Statues are coming down everywhere, not just in The South. Pat Buchanan was predicting this twenty years ago. Not a God Damned Thing! Our Heroes!!! They were trained to parachute behind enemy lines and disrupt communications and blow up bridges.

But, those Women have to be among the toughest adversaries that they ever had to face. Those Bastards Deserved to Die in Vietnam! Regrettably, most of them had probably mustered out by that time. California is better place to live? I wish you would tell all the people coming here from California that. If he wants the info, I pointed him in the right direction. The issue for me is that politics can get very complicated. Many here are probably libertarians or rainbow Confederates. Others are racial Confederates. Jumping into an issue like this is complicated. But to take the correct position among so many different groups is much more difficult. Brits have collapsed faster than probably any group in history.

And the solution for most of them is to do the same thing. This was, originally, a British country. The Louisiana Purchase and other changes happened of course. Lee is considered by many Generals to be the greatest strategist of them all. President Lincoln wanted him to command the North, in which case the war would have been over in one day. Robert E. Lee instead chose the other side because of his great love of Virginia, and except for Gettysburg, would have won the war. The south rising into the old plantation slave based economy disconnected from the modern world like it was years ago would be a considerable undertaking since most of the people that reside in the the former rebel states are northerners, foreign immigrants and blacks. But you date from ?

Have problems with numbers and chronology? Doubtless your ancestral signatory was a brave man, but he was a century later that real pioneers , Doubtless, like you, he was not above trying to rewrite history good luck. Your people followed a century later, and good for them! Much better than shoveling manure where ever they were before! Cold Mountain was gifted to me on my 30th bday. I was pretty miffed about that. So anyway years later i was searching for something to read and i picked up and read it in one sitting. Maybe or so pp. At least The book was sad. People had to live that. Real people that were just trying to survive. It was the end of an old way of life and just left at that i believe. Frazier is a good writer tho.

At any rate, he founded a town, my Great x 4 Grandfather helped found a Nation. The Land remained sparsely populated for years, because those that came before were unable to defeat the Indians that dominated the interior of Texas. The French were under constant threat from the Spanish and never got out of the Piney Woods. In fact, the Frogs seem to have developed a pathetic propensity for getting their butts kicked for at least over a Century now.

The Spaniards tiny villas were regularly besieged by the Apache and Comanche. The Spanish Government was unable to persuade Mexicans to move North in spite of large land grants. So, they appealed to the citizens of the United States, offering them lucrative incentives to settle in the hostile territory. Shortly after the Mexicans gained their Independence from Spain, they felt confident that the Anglos had carved out enough suitable space and they figured that they would simply dispossess them.

It was the Men who were bold enough to move out onto the plains that forged The Republic of Texas. Your great-great-great-etc. Kintes then arrived in what would become the USA, only to mooch off Uncle Sucker and blame Bigfoot for their endless failings. Keep killing each other in Chicongo, Aferguson, Baltimoor, etc. There is a reverse migration going on now. If I continue to allow bygones to be bygones, in the name of Racial Solidarity, while Yankees that moved to Richmond, and some on this thread, continue to celebrate the destruction of our Statues, then, what do I have left? Who is being divisive? Me, or the people who want to keep stepping on me? They just go back home. This old SNL Skit precisely depicts the type of obnoxious Yankee personality that makes them so unwelcome.

And, just like that unwanted guest, they are completely oblivious to their inconsideration, rudeness, and pomposity. I stopped reciting The Pledge of Allegiance after I learned that the Socialist who wrote it, Francis Bellamy, based it on the oath that the Southern People were required to take repeatedly. You know what it really is, cowtown? You love to hate yankees so much because you CAN. Back before your easy target was southern negroes, but any more blacks have powerful defenders in high places. After all, yankees are WHITE so therefore anybody can openly hate them all they want with total impunity. Most of them grew up in the lily White suburbs and went to expensive schools.

I have to give you that. Me, a Bully? Of a student body of over 2,, there were approximately 40 White kids in the whole school. I was frequently the only White pupil in the classroom. I fought to sit on the bus and to get out of the bathroom, in the hallways, and while trying to walk home. So, I do know a little bit about bullying. The Mexicans were all Cholos and Chicanos, I got along with them fairly well. They used to drive around the school in their Impalas and Monte Carlos and bounce up and down at the stop sign. They wore chinos and white t-shirts, and some of them wore Zoot Suits. After lunch, the homeless people would come and eat from the trashcans in front of the school.

It took her a long time to shed some of her liberal attitudes; long after I was grown. Constant, daily reminders of my ethnicity are what kept me firmly grounded in reality. And, pray tell, why are they tearing things up? To show solidarity with Negroes and Jews. Those Southern White people that defend White history or those self loathing, Northern Whites that are Hell bent on eradicating it? What I am is a relentless defender of myself, my ancestry, and my home. When I was in public school, half black school, the one black who got into the top classes with the whites got accepted into Harvard.

There were fights daily at the school overall, and the teachers had to struggle to control the lower classes. It was a mess. School is just daycare anyway; students learn little, waste time. From what I understand, the flag is based on the Imperial Russian Navy. Any who respect the South are friends by me. Im angry at the decline of the West. But Dr Wilson is an American treasure. Just as Russians are confused and angry about the past, so am I.

I side with both sides in Ukraine. I want fighting to end. I like Putin but not Bolshevism. I wish you well. Both sides here are killing me, because they are both right! My favorite:. Like Archie Bunker! I agree, and I used to identify as as a northerner! But it gets much more complicated. The southern evangelical leadership whores and churches condemed them to most of their current woes. I think you gentleman have your work cut out for you. But just remember, across the Earth there are still people who regard this song as one of their favourites:. Look away! Away down south in Dixie! I know your lot extremely well, and yeah, here in this space you are absolutely a bunch of bullies emboldened by power of numbers.

Rural Southern whites are still to this day a startling time capsule of British colonial society and England before it: extremely insular and xenophobic, and petty. They could be the most ardent liberal-despising White Nationalist within miles, longing with all their hearts to join your cause, and you lot will use THAT to socially sabotage them, to drive them off. Ratting them out to blacks and management to get them fired, for example.

In , it became the largest U. Currently, Richmond is locked in a battle over a rent control measure, which voters approved in November but a landlords group is suing to block. To him, it is logical and laudable that Richmond politics have marched left. The refinery, opened in and owned for most of its life span by Standard Oil and one of its successor companies, Chevron, has in his telling been a polluting and objectionable neighbor — the worst recent offense being the fire at the refinery, which caused 15, people from the area to seek medical treatment for respiratory issues and nearly killed 19 workers.

Early had just moved to Richmond from New England when the disaster occurred. His wife was out gardening; a neighbor spotted her and told her to go indoors to shelter in place. Quickly comprehending the danger, the couple took refuge in Berkeley. Off he goes to dig, and he unearths a troubled history. Chevron, local developers or their building trades and public safety union allies.

Interestingly, both his father and his uncle served as United States Ambassadors. He moved with his mother and his stepfather to Paris when he was fairly young. His stepfather, by the way, was the only one of children in a school in Poland to have survived the Holocaust, only one out of children. And well, the rest of his pedigree is pretty clear, but he represents what is now recognized throughout the major medium and throughout the foreign policy establishment, as a reset, going back to a certain kind of internationalist norm, when it comes to American foreign policy and he's sending the expected signals.

The point is, this really is a huge transformation. The big questions will be, how does this get translated into policy? It's going to be a very interesting few months ahead. On the other hand, given the trajectory of recent Democratic administrations, perhaps it's fairly predictable. We'll see. But if the Secretary of State, even as reflected in the constitutional order of succession is the prime first member, the member of priority in the president's Cabinet, amongst the big four, remember Treasury, Defense, State and the Attorney General. The Department of the Treasury is very, very important. The new Secretary of the Treasury is Janet Yellen. She becomes the first woman to serve in that capacity. She also becomes a very rare individual and having served as the Chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisors and as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank in previous service.

Thus, the big thing about Janet Yellen is that she is a known quantity as was Anthony Blinken. And that explains why the president being given difference in these two appointments saw the confirmation overwhelmingly. And that meant also by the majority of Republicans, when it came to these two Cabinet members. Janet Yellen, however, is going to be in a very interesting position. She is likely now to be advocating policies on behalf of President Biden that she had opposed in her previous roles. One of the most interesting dimensions of her current role as Secretary of the Treasury is that she is now in a clearly political role.

Having served in so many other major capacities of economic responsibility, serving as Secretary of the Treasury, we're about to find out exactly what Secretary Yellen will do, but just to remember, a member of the Cabinet answers to the president in a way that is true and adds a political dynamic, that was not true of the other positions that Janet Yellen held.

Most importantly, as compared to serving as both a governor and later as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank. It's also of interest to note that Janet Yellen is not only an economist, she is married to an economist, George Akerlof, now Georgetown University, and he's not just an economist, he's an economist who has been awarded the Nobel Prize for economics. Now in days ahead, we're going to look at some of the research of Janet Yellen's husband in particular, George Akerlof, as it comes to young men and marriage and economics.

It's really interesting research. And there are some huge worldview and moral issues attached to it. No one in the federal government seems to have much interest in it, but we will. But the change isn't just coming in the Executive branch. When you think about the Cabinet and then the other positions that will be appointed and confirmed, some of them, of course already confirmed. No, speaking of confirmation, we need to look to the fact that that's one of the powers of the United States Senate. And then we think of the Senate, the shift from Republican to Democratic control of the Senate is seismic. And of course, this came down to the special elections for the two Senate seats in Georgia that were held on January the 5th. And in both of these cases, it was not only a shift from "R" to "D" but from a conservative Republican to a very liberal Democrat.

And as the tie breaker, that means that she breaks the tie in a Democratic favor. And that means given the fact that the Senate has now moved ahead with the adoption of new rules for this session, it means that Democrats are now serving as the chairs of the Senate Committees. That is one of the big powers of the Senate majority and the Senate Majority Leader, of course invested with enormous responsibility and power to determine what does and does not get to the Senate floor.

And that means does or does not even come up for a Senate vote. But the big thing to note, as you're thinking about the Senate committees is that every one of them is now going to change in terms of its committee chair, its committee leadership. Just take one example, the Budget Committee of the United States Senate is now going to be chaired by Bernie Sanders, independent Senator from Vermont, who of course caucuses with the Democrats and was at one point a front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination in , having run also previously for that same nomination.

Here's the thing you need to keep in mind. You now have an avowed old Democratic socialists. And the chair of the Budget Committee has a great deal to say, well, it should be obvious with the federal budget or at least the budget as might be approved by the Senate. But it's more than that. The Senate Budget Committee has a great deal to do with what will come under the rubric of what is known as reconciliation. That is legislation that will come as a part of "reconciling the budget," but actually can come to include any number of things. But what you need to keep in mind is that whatever comes to the Senate floor under that rubric of reconciliation bills, it doesn't require 60 votes to get culture. The filibuster does not apply.

All it requires is a majority of the senators. And that means that there is enormous power now invested in Senator Bernie Sanders as chair of the Senate Budget Committee. And again, what does it tell us, that in the United States, in the year of our Lord, , we have an avowed Democratic Socialist as chair of the Senate Budget Committee. Elections have consequences, keep that ever in mind. But speaking of elections and consequences, we shift to now to something else. And that is the reality in the role, the impact and the historical perspective we should have on executive orders. Executive orders are constantly in the headlines if you're looking at them, because executive orders are official declarations, orders coming from the nation's chief executive, the president of the United States.

Executive orders go all the way back to the first president, George Washington, although he issued very few. Only one president in the history of the United States, William Henry Harrison issued no executive orders during his time in office. Executive orders effectively carry the force of law. And all that is required for an executive order to be ordered is the signature of the president of the United States. So what are we looking at here? Well, in his first three days in office, President Biden handed down 19 executive orders and the headlines this morning indicate that there have been more that have been issued since then.

President Biden in three days, President Trump his predecessor in his first three days, one, that's one as compared to President Obama in his first three days, five. President George W. Bush handed down zero in his first three days. President Bill Clinton handed down, one. Now that one executive order had several parts dealing with abortion and it represented the liberalization of abortion, after the years of the Reagan and Bush administrations. Choosing the first day of office to sign this kind of executive order was Bill Clinton's way of saying that he was going to liberalize America's abortion laws as a direct affront to the two previous administrations, those of President Ronald Reagan and George H.

As you look at the executive orders handed down by President Biden, in his first days in office, it is a similar attempted rebuke.

Progressives Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism for Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism suffrage to purify Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism elections using supposedly purer female collaborative planning theory. Baptist preachers Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism sale…. Oh do p! There were many who stayed Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism, by choice, Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism their former Masters. He wrote of the benefits offered by the English Language Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism Christianity. It was the Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism immediately following mine that morphed into Whigroes. Penal Colonies.

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