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Hank Aaron Case Study

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Hank Aaron - Behind The Braves

After being critically wounded, [83] Hank's body undergoes a secondary mutation , jump started by Sage. The result is a more feline appearance equivalent to that of a big cat. His strength, speed, stamina, sturdiness, and senses increase further with this change. He gains cat-like agility, flexibility, coordination, and balance, and all his senses are enhanced to twenty times that of a normal human being. In addition, Beast develops an accelerated healing factor that allows him to repair mild to moderate injuries within the span of a few hours. However, as his hands and feet change from simian to feline going from a normal human set of four fingers to just three, retaining the opposable thumb , he loses his superhuman dexterity, once admitting that he used to play the guitar, but is now learning to play the drums instead.

Following the X-Men's relocation to San Francisco, Beast discovers that he had regained some of his old manual dexterity. It is later discovered that his secondary feline mutation is still detrimental to his health: as such, with the combined efforts of past versions of Jean Grey and himself, Beast's condition was stabilized in a more human-like form, possessing blue fur and larger than the average human male but otherwise fairly human. Hank possesses a brilliant intellect. He is a world-renowned biochemist , having earned Ph. He frequently functions as both field medic and in-house physician for the X-Men, despite not technically having an MD. A Renaissance man , McCoy is well versed in many fields including languages fluent in English, German , French , Latin , Spanish , Japanese , Arabic , and Russian as well as the fictional language Latverian [22] , literature , philosophy , psychology , and sociology , history , art and art history , anthropology , linguistics , and music , as well as in political science and economics with a special affinity for science and technology and a penchant for quoting literary classics.

His vast scientific knowledge ranges from theoretical physics , quantum mechanics , differential equations , nanotechnology , anatomy , biomedicine , analytical chemistry , electrical engineering , and mechanical engineering to the construction of a hyper-magnetic device. An electronics expert, he often repairs Cerebro and makes upgrades to the Danger Room settings. He has made several deus ex machina devices on par with Reed Richards, including a device that strips entities of cosmic powers. While not a medical doctor, he was able to perform brain surgery on the Red Skull to extract the fragment of Charles Xavier's brain that the Skull had grafted onto himself, removing the Skull's telepathic abilities while leaving the villain otherwise apparently healthy.

After a meeting with Doctor Strange, the displaced younger Beast has mastered a combination of science and magic, allowing him to return himself and his four teammates to the past for a few minutes, although he notes that it took a great deal of effort to send them back for that long and it merely confirmed that history has been 'reset' so that the displaced X-Men are no longer 'needed' in the past.

Both are possessed of an apelike appearance and are brilliant scientists. Before becoming more erudite in later issues, McCoy also used a great deal of slang in his early appearances much like Monk. In Marvel , Beast is known as Hal McCoy and retains his original appearance of a human with lengthy arms and legs and enormous hands and feet. He is well spoken and eloquent, and a member of Carlos Javier's Professor X group of "witchbreeds", though he tends to not give others a chance to speak when he is talking.

When several soldiers stare at him, he glowers and attributes his appearance to his origin as an Orkneyman. He reappears in Spider-Man Between the two appearances he was working with Henri Le Pym , a natural philosopher employed by Baron Octavius to create a potion that will counteract the effects an octopus based serum have had on his physiology. Testing some of the potions on himself, Hal becomes more bestial in appearance. When he first appears in Spider-Man 1, he is imprisoned in Le Pym's laboratory, treated as a source of mutagenic blood rather than a fellow scientist.

He is not shown clearly until he is released from the cage by Peter Parquagh in 3. He resembles a gorilla to a greater extent than the main universe Beast, with only a slight blue tinge to his fur. Dark Beast, sometimes known as the Black Beast, is a Marvel Comics supervillain, an evil alternative reality version of the main universe's X-Men's Beast. In the second issue of 'Prelude to Deadpool Corps". Deadpool visits a world where Prof. X runs a school for troubled kids. There Beast is a teacher and sends child versions of Cyclops and Deadpool to see Storm for causing trouble in class. A version of Beast from Earth is drafted onto the superhero team the Exiles.

Beast is far more brutish in appearance, including a long tail and strongly protruding canine teeth. Also this version of Beast was in a romantic relationship with Wonder-Man. At the end if the series, Beast was given the option to return to his home, but seeing that Wonder-Man was killed in battle shortly after, decided he had nothing to go back to and remained with the team. Strange not only demonstrated that he could not help, but showed Beast a number of alternative reality versions of him who were facing equal failure, including but not limited to: a version of Beast in the raiment of a Catholic hierarch, a red-furred gun-toting version seeking a cure with Bishop, a version with a cyborg arm, a wheelchair-bound version using a synthesis of magic and technology, a version who looked like Beast's original human form, and a caped Beast in a snowy landscape.

Unable to cope with the pressures of this position and trying to find a cure for the looming extinction of the human race, Beast turns to the power-enhancing drug Kick. Unbeknownst to him, Kick is an aerosol form of an entity known as Sublime. Sublime takes over Beast's body, relegating him to a passenger in his own form. Here, he retains his human appearance similar to when he first joined X-Men. Beast assumes he is superior to humans, simply because of his mutations. Like his mainstream counterpart, McCoy is physically imposing as well as an avid student, though he has a penchant for employing obscure words in an inaccurate way. However he has been unexpectedly infected by a squad of zombies, and he next returns as a zombie.

He also appears in Marvel Zombies vs. Many are detected at Doctor Doom 's castle and Beast participates in the multi-zombie attack upon it and somehow both found a sizeable stash of meat, which ironically pleases the other zombies. Beast is later shown arguing with Colonel America when the Colonel is vigorously explaining to him how things work. However, he is slain by the Colonel's newly granted 'cosmic powers' when he accidentally blasts off his head. Beast is portrayed as always in a blue bear humanoid like form with a short tail, he wears glasses and a tie with the X-Men symbol on it. He's a professor at the school, and is strangely never referred to as Hank or Beast by name in the story. Instead of a furry simian -like form, McCoy's experiments mutated him into a green, amphibious form with childlike intelligence, codenamed the Brute.

He becomes further mutated during the Inferno crisis, when he makes a deal with the demons S'ym and N'astirh. When the Goblyn Queen first ascends to power, she brainwashes the Brute into serving her purpose. Later, Brute jumps in front of a psychic blast from Professor X that was meant for Havok. Brute succeeds in all, but Havok opts not to return to the main Marvel Universe. The Brute's intelligence is lost again as the after-effects of Xavier's blast wear off. Brutes stays with the team until the series ends.

He is seriously injured by Dracula during the finale issue, thus his ultimate fate is left uncertain. They are brought to Earth as a result of M-Day. This version of Beast, never having been free to fiddle around with his mutation, retained the more human appearance he had in the Original X-Men. He was later killed by Sage. During the encounter, Beast met his Star Trek counterpart, Dr. Leonard McCoy. When a nurse calls out, "Dr. Leonard McCoy answer, "What?

Spock to stop an inter-dimensional rift caused by the villain Proteus. In a one-page drawing included at the end of the issue, we see Beast and Mr. Spock engaged in a game of chess, with Beast intently studying the chessboard while hanging upside-down from the ceiling. Henry "Hank" McCoy was not born like a 'blue ape'. He was born with hands instead of feet, he tried to make a substance that would cure his mutation but instead it only made it worse. With his own parents denouncing him throughout his childhood for his genetic status, he chooses to hide his immense intelligence to avoid further complications.

Hank becomes a founding member of the Ultimate X-Men taking the codename Beast. When the team is kidnapped by Weapon X, they operate on him, causing him to take on his blue furry appearance and gain additional, strengthened senses, such as smell and hearing. Storm loves him very much because of his intelligence, but Beast's inferiority complex often gets in the way of their relationship. He becomes convinced that Storm only loves him because Professor X is using mind control on her. Beast starts an online relationship that eventually leads to the Ultimate War debacle, when he lets it slip that Magneto is still alive the supposed mutant "supermodel" Naomi he is chatting with is actually the Blob fishing for information.

Beast is killed after being crushed under the rubble of a Sentinel attack. However, it is revealed that the Beast is revived at the hospital. Having reversed himself back to his normal human appearance maintaining the blue hair from his former kangaroo kidney transplant, which was independent of Weapon X's modifications , Hank is now working on a cure to a " Legacy Virus ", created by an anti-mutant government conspiracy led by Admiral Stryker , that threatens mutants. The apparent death of Xavier actually time travel breaks the mental holds on him so he knows that everyone thinks he is dead and is not happy being forced to work for S.

Beast escapes S. After being proved to be the real Beast by Psylocke and Wolverine, he is allowed to join Bishop 's new X-Men and continues his relationship with Storm. After Bishop's death, Xavier is revealed to be alive and Beast returns to his life at the Xavier Institute. Angel survives the flood and recovers the bodies of Dazzler and Beast, who drowned.

Scott can't believe that "that size wearing dweeb" would borrow his best tie and then die with it on. Hank has a genius level IQ. His mutation grants him a simian physiology with superhuman strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, agility, flexibility, coordination, balance, and manual and pedal dexterity so great he can write with all his hands and feet at once and tie knots equally well with both his fingers and toes. The Weapon X program mutates Hank further, causing him to evolve into a more animalistic form with claws, fangs, pointed ears, enhanced senses, and thick, blue fur covering his entire body.

Since then, he is like this continuously throughout the comics until his own modifications are made. An issue of What If? He then turned into a beast when the catalyst was too well concentrated. As he escaped into the night looking for meat, Professor X telepathically contacted Beast to ask if he was OK. Beast savagely responded that he was no longer an X-Man and refused to accept his help. Professor X sent the X-Men to retrieve him before any harm can come to people. Beast managed to take Angel down before being scared away by Jean's telepathic scream. When Jean Grey and Cyclops caught up with him, Beast attacked, throwing rocks at them. With his optic beam, Cyclops destroyed most of the stones but one is able to knock out Jean Grey.

In his final human words, Beast told Professor X not to let him become an animal. Beast appears in the What If? Beast appears as the monkey, Aoi Japanese for blue. Unlike the studious and intellectual Beast, Aoi is playful and mischievous. After being outwitted, Aoi joins Hitome Cyclops. He also shows an ability to change into a larger stronger form. In this alternative reality with a history identical to that begins after Chris Claremont's X-Men , Beast retains his blue-furred ape-like appearance, and is the X-Men's chief-scientist.

Beast is responsible for checking for blood-work of two Storms one who is an evil adult and the other who is a teenager and discovers that they are identical. After the death of Logan, who Jean was having an affair with behind Cyclops' back, Beast becomes Jean's closest friend and confidant, trying to help her over-come her loss, and her newly re-awakened Phoenix power. Recently, Jean has admitted to knowing about Hank's long-time crush on her, and the two begin a relationship. In the limited series Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe , Wolverine encounters Deadpool who has killed Beast and turned his pelt into a cloak. In the " Old Man Logan " storyline, Beast is among the X-Men who perish at the hands of Wolverine when he is tricked by Mysterio into believing his friends are super-villains attacking the mansion.

In the possible future witnessed in Battle of the Atom , Beast has mutated further, with one side of his head notably more feral than the other, including a horn. He has also defected to the Brotherhood, having apparently become disillusioned with the X-Men's goal while blaming himself for causing some unspecified catastrophe by bringing his past self into the present. However, he later appears alive during the future Brotherhood's new attack on Cyclops' base, during which the X-Men discover that the entire Brotherhood With the exception of Raze, the son of Wolverine and Mystique were under the control of Charles Xavier II The apparent son of Xavier and Mystique , with Hank's future self being allowed just enough freedom to be horrified at what Xavier II was making him do as the telepath blames the X-Men for failing to live up to Charles Xavier's dream.

At the conclusion of the fight, Hank and others are freed from Xavier II's control and allowed to return to their home time, with Hank still blaming himself for some past mistake but committed to making up for it by returning to the X-Men. Beast is the sixteenth figurine in the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection. In the Marvel magazine, Marvel Vision , for most of the series Beast was the supposed author of his self-titled "Beast Files". This series of two-page articles was perhaps the first time a character in any comic universe was depicted to be keeping detailed profiles on other heroes and villains. The files appeared for over two years, and the column was voted the fan favorite.

Todd and Emily go to the hotel room. Todd suggests playing in the laundry cart, but Emily tells him in a serious tone she wants to fool around in bed. However, clearly get out of it, Todd lies that he feels sick from drinking so much and he just wants to go to bed. After the two say it was good to see each other, Todd hurries into the hotel room by himself, leaving an upset and confused Emily outside. Todd lays in bed in the hotel room all alone. A downed Emily meets up with BoJack at the bar and winds up sleeping with him. Cabracadabra is a cab company where women drive other women around, making them feel safe and preventing them from being harassed by men.

This is what Todd and Emily tell Mr. Peanutbutter when they pitch it to him at his house. He takes it off and walks through the house where everyone is busy setting up for Todd and Emily's new cab company Cabracadabra. She tells him she got thirsty. When the two ran into each other when she and Todd first started setting up, they act awkward and deny knowing each other. BoJack and Emily are awkward around each other because of what happened between them. BoJack says he can't sleep because Todd and Emily are talking and laughing. Inside, Emily asks Todd if she can talk to him. Todd asks what happened. A downed Todd accepts and assures Emily he wants her to keep her share of the money.

In Old Acquaintance , Todd tells Mr. Peanutbutter that his idea to start including male customers was a success. However, it's caused some problems because they rate drivers on how they look. Peanutbutter tells him that if their women don't feel safe in that space then they need to find new women. Todd then heads to a gentleman's club. Later, he throws a party for his company at BoJack's house. In It's You , Todd and Mr. Peanutbutter have to make up new Oscar nominees after Mr. Peanutbutter loses the envelope while looking for his phone. Peanutbutter says that BoJack is a damaged person battling a lot of demons, and it would mean a lot to him if they mentioned him.

Todd reluctantly agrees. Later in the day, Mr. Peanutbutter's obvious faux pas is discovered by the Oscar committee. BoJack wakes up in a practically destroyed house, all alone. BoJack, desperate, realizes he can't reach Ana on the phone, whom he " need s. Todd replies that he was only nice to him because he felt bad about Emily. You can't keep doing shitty things and then feel bad about yourself as if that makes it okay! You need to be better! BoJack says he knows and that he was drunk and under a lot of pressure with the Oscar campaign. No, BoJack, just You are all the things that are wrong with you.

It's not the alcohol, or the drugs, or any of the shitty things that happened to you in your career or when you were a kid. It's you. Todd ends his speech by saying Fuck, man What else is there to say? Peanutbutter sells Cabracadabra , and Todd receives eight million dollars. As he is about to leave the Cabracadabra headquarters to celebrate his new wealth, he runs into Emily, and the two reconcile by agreeing to go hang out. Todd and Emily have ice cream and discuss what they're going to do with their eight million dollars. Emily, then asks Todd if he's gay, which Todd quickly denies. Emily accepts him for who he is. In See Mr. However, she does use a portion of her eight million dollars to build Todd a " drone throne ," an idea he brought up to her during lunch.

Todd enjoys using his drone throne until he drops the remote, trapping him in the skies with a giant bag of kettle corn her stole. He ends up crashing and interrupting the ski race between Mr. Peanutbutter and Woodchuck Coodchuck-Berkowitz , where the winner would become governor. Todd ends up crossing the finish line and becomes governor, but resigns seconds later as he does not want the position. With no Governor now, a new election starts with Mr. Peanutbutter challenging Woodchuck for the seat.

In Hooray! Peanutbutter , and Hollyhock. Peanutbutter with his political campaign, and Hollyhock finds her biological roots. He tells BoJack distancing himself from him is kind of working for him as the two haven't spoken in a year and then goes to his Asexual Alliance Meeting. Todd says he does not want to get married. Princess Carolyn says that they can draw up a sham marriage contract and that he'd stay married for three years and get a huge payout at the end. Todd asks Diane for advice and she tells him marriage is a lie that you can't promise to be with someone to be with them forever.

Todd thanks her and says she has given him a lot to think about. He then decides not to go through with the wedding. In Underground , Princess Carolyn and Todd help mediate for an ant colony in exchange for being returned to the surface after Mr. Peanutbutter 's house sinks during a campaign gala due to a fracking incident. In The Judge , Mr. Peanutbutter and Todd come up with their clown dentist business idea. In Lovin that cali lifestyle!! She comes to him because his clown dentist practice is not getting great reviews due to most of the dentists not being actually licensed, and most of the children finding them frightening. However, Todd proposes that he could turn his business into an entertainment company.

He makes a deal that if he could make an entertaining show for Yolanda in a week, she would make them a legitimate business. If not, he will dissolve the business and set the clowns loose into the woods, and Yolanda agrees to the deal. Later, Todd struggles to get the clowns to practice, while Princess Carolyn has turned to drink heavily due to the events of Ruthie. She is called back into work for a meeting with an inspiring writer, Flip McVicker , but while she is ready to shoot down his TV show premise.

However, she changes her mind when she sees the script, and that the title is Philbert —which was going to be the name of the baby she miscarried in the previous episode. Now determined to get the project green-lit, she asks Todd to get a meeting with her with Lenny Turteltaub before passing out. Deciding to use it as an opportunity to practice, Todd and the clowns manage to get Princess Carolyn to her meeting with Turteltaub. She then blurts out BoJack Horseman's name, who Lenny thinks would be perfect for, although he ran out on both Secretariat and Ethan Around. One week later, Todd and the clowns present their show to Yolanda , but it fails to impress her, and Todd is forced to uphold his end of the deal.

In What Time Is It Right Now , Princess Carolyn's assistant brings her home as she went on another drinking bender, and Todd brings her into the woods and ties her to a dentist chair to tell her to get herself together. Princess Carolyn, however, laments that when they find out that she forged BoJack's signature, the deal will end and her reputation and career will be over and she will be left with nothing.

Todd, however, tells her that she doesn't need a family to have a child, and the only way out is through. This helps lifts Princess Carolyn's spirits. However, they soon find the clown dentists Todd left behind are acting strange, and escape from them when they attack the two. It turns out that one of the clowns got infected with rabies from a raccoon and the other clowns also got infected as a result. Todd calls up Yolanda and convinces her to help him since she's partially responsible for the clowns being in the forest and it could damage the Better Business Bureau's reputation if word gets out. Todd and Yolanda are planning a trap to capture rabies-infected clown dentists , but their plans fall apart and are forced to run off.

When they get to a safe distance, a panting Yolanda remarks that she doesn't run much and needs to get in better shape, sparking inspiration from Todd. This new business is deemed " better " by Yolanda, and Todd thanks Yolanda for her help. Before Yolanda leaves, she offers to take Todd on a date revealing herself as asexual as well, with a stunned Todd blissfully realizing that this is good for him. Yolanda is concerned Todd isn't doing anything particularly useful with his day. Emily and her buff firefighter boyfriend, Steve, are out to dinner with Yolanda and Todd. Todd thinks up the idea to create a dating app for asexuals. He states that otherwise, asexuals would just settle for other asexuals that they meet, even if they have nothing else in common.

Yolanda defensively says that could be a good thing. Yolanda and Todd are driving home. Yolanda tells Todd that she feels weird that Todd doesn't have a job or any direction in life. Todd arrives home to find BoJack waiting for Princess Carolyn. He asks BoJack to help him find a job. Todd goes for the janitor interview but is told that he is overqualified for the job. He's taken straight to the top of the company. He tells BoJack that he can't help him because he has to focus on more important stuff, frustrating BoJack. Todd tells BoJack to talk to the showrunner. She asks if he's seen Mr. Peanutbutter and he says that he might be in the library, the one he tried to give her when they decided to split up.

They're going to meet Yolanda's parents, but Yolanda tells Todd that she hasn't told them that she's asexual. She asks Todd if just for tonight they can pretend to be sexually active. Todd agrees but says that her parents probably wouldn't bring up that topic during dinner. Yolanda reluctantly agrees. Todd and Yolanda are having dinner with her family, where it's revealed they're sex-obsessed—her father is an erotic novelist, her mother Angelica is a famous adult film star, and her identical twin sister Mindy is a sex adviser columnist. After Todd becomes uncomfortable when Mindy hits on him, he and Yolanda try to leave, but Yolanda's parents insist they stay the night and make love in their house. Yolanda reluctantly says yes to this offer.

Yolanda's mom, Angelica, asks Todd for some help moving something. Todd goes to help her but when he gets to her room, she drops her robe and exposes herself. When Todd does not show signs of being aroused, Angelica confirms her theory that he is asexual. Todd accidentally blurts out a confirmation to this and runs out. However, he gets pulled into Mindy's room, and she tells him to meet her under the oak tree at midnight for sex. Todd escapes and gets back to Yolanda's room and tells her what happened. Yolanda comes up with a plan—after Mindy leaves for the oak tree outside, she'll dress up as Mindy, and tell their mom that Todd made a pass at her.

At midnight after Mindy leaves, Yolanda sneaks into Mindy's bedroom to steal her clothes. However, Angelica arrives in Yolanda's room and corners Todd, revealing she researched asexuality and is fascinated by it, and that she still wants Todd to seduce her—asexually. Mindy returns to her bedroom mad that Todd stood her up, and sees Yolanda's clothes on the floor, which gives her a devious idea. Yolanda, dressed as Mindy, knocks on her mom's door but hears Mindy being called by their father, so she goes to see him.

Todd tells Angelica to go put on every piece of clothing she owns because asexuals do that so they don't appear sexy. Mindy goes into Yolanda's room pretending to be Yolanda and tries to seduce Todd, although the real Yolanda comes in telling Todd about the lube. She notices Mindy dressed like her, and they start wrestling on the bedroom floor. Yolanda's father brings the barrel up the stairs and hears the racket coming from the bedroom. Thinking Todd and Yolanda no longer need the lube, as he believes they are already having sex, he becomes disappointed. Angelica walks out wearing every article of clothing she owns, as instructed by Todd.

Her husband then questions what she's wearing. The two sisters then bring the fight out into the hall, accidentally opening the lube barrel and causing it to spill everywhere. Buenaventura slips down the stairs and Angelica trips over the balcony, breaking the railing. Yolanda and Mindy manage to grab on to her arms before she falls, and Angelica winds up dangling over the broken railing, with the sisters holding on to her.

Yolanda's dad tells Todd to plug the hole with his erect penis, but Todd, not wanting to blow his and Yolanda's covers, tries to pull his shoe off to use his big toe, calling it " the penis of the foot. In the process, he ends up pushing Angelica, Mindy, Yolanda, and himself over the edge of the banister as well. They end up falling back downstairs from the upper level of the house. The barrel then falls and breaks. It winds up covering everyone and the entire living room in lube. This situation further escalates the fighting. Yolanda's family continues to fight each other. Yolanda's dad is furious at Todd for destroying their family heirloom, and Todd slips out of the house on the lube as he says sorry. As Yolanda and Mindy fight, Mindy then brings up the incident with her boyfriend in high school.

Yolanda finally admits she didn't actually sleep with him, and, as she pushes Mindy off of her, yells that she's asexual, surprising everyone. However, Todd asks Yolanda why she lied and told her parents that he went to college. She tells him that she wanted to make him look impressive. Todd then says the only thing they have in common is that they're asexual. However, he makes a deal with her that if they haven't found anyone by the time that they're one hundred, they'll get back together. Todd gets dropped off, and when he turns around, Yolanda has left.

In BoJack the Feminist , Mr. He asks Todd to teach him how to be tough. Todd takes Mr. Peanutbutter to the baddest bar in Hollywoo, where the paparazzi birds are waiting outside. Peanutbutter tries to be tough with them, shoving them into some trash cans, but actually cures them of their ailments. Peanutbutter goes into the bar. He tries to be tough once more, but it doesn't work out again. Instead, he gets cheered, for keeping them informed. Peanutbutter decides he isn't cut out to be a tough guy. Todd complains about how the show is over budget and that his boss is starting to ask questions.

He later calls her again and tells her that there has been an accident on set. BoJack fell off a building and landed on a car, and got seriously injured. Princess Carolyn is stressed by this and by Todd telling her she's behind schedule and over budget. She assures Todd she'll get BoJack a specialist to drug him up so he feels OK to shoot later in the week. In INT. Indira are talking about their clients and respective workweeks. Mary-Beth begins to talk about her week, while also changing the people's names and characteristics. She hands him the paperwork for it, but just when Todd is about to reach for his pen in his jacket—he suddenly blames her for eating his last string cheese.

When she denies it, he says they have to get a mediator to help them solve this argument they are having at work. Todd and Princess Carolyn are with their mediator, Mary-Beth. Todd tells the story of how he was so excited to melt his string cheese and turn it into a " mozzarella Cinderella, " but Princess Carolyn ate it. Princess Carolyn denies that she ate it. They continue to argue while the mediator tries to calm them down. Meanwhile, Princess Carolyn and Todd have been arguing for two hours. Todd leaves to go to the bathroom leaving Princess Carolyn alone with the mediator.

Mary-Beth tells Princess Carolyn that she should lie to Todd about taking the cheese just to avoid a fight. Princess Carolyn begrudgingly does this but continues on to say that the string cheese was fair game. This angers Todd, who argues what is and isn't fair game food, making a list on but Princess Carolyn argues back it's her apartment so everything should be fair game for her. This angers Todd who declares that they are going to arbitration, to Mary-Beth's dismay.

Princess Carolyn and Todd are back at her apartment, setting boundaries for themselves. Mary-Beth calls Todd and says she realized Princess Carolyn was on set the whole day that the cheese was missing, so she couldn't have taken it. Todd tells this to Princess Carolyn and admits that he wanted this to be a work dispute so she wouldn't kick him out. Princess Carolyn tells him that she likes having him here, but she also needs her own space.

He says he wants to help her pay rent and agrees to give her an office on site. He goes in his jacket for his pen but finds the missing string cheese instead. In Mr. Peanutbutter's Boos , in a flashback from Princess Carolyn answers the door to find three teenage Trick-or-Treaters. She refuses to give them candy because they are too old to be trick or treating. One of the kids pushes up his mask in protest and is revealed to be a young Todd. Because Princess Carolyn doesn't give them any candy, thirteen-year-old Todd, Emily and a friend of theirs teepee BoJack's house. In , Princess Carolyn again answers the door at the annual Halloween Party, and this time allows Todd now eighteen to come into the party.

He compliments the house, and Princess Carolyn says it's her boyfriend's. Princess Carolyn begins to deny this but suddenly has an epiphany, questioning what she's doing with her life, and saying she came to L. She rushes out the door and passes the box of screeners to Todd, leaving him with the responsibility. The party has ended. BoJack hangs up with his mom but promises to help figure out what they're going to do for his dad's funeral, and genuinely tells her he's sorry.

He goes back into the house to learn from Todd that the party is over. BoJack laments that he thought he would feel something when this one of his parents dying happened, but he doesn't. In , Diane wants to leave the Halloween party but is her car is trapped between two vehicles. Todd says that one of those vehicles is his car. He explains it's the company car, and it matches his hat. He tosses her the keys and tells her to take it for a spin. In Ancient History , Todd gets a visit from Emily at work—who tells him that she broke up with her fireman boyfriend, Doug. She says the sex was great but they had no emotional connection. Todd says that's why he and Yolanda broke up; they had no real connection besides being asexual.

Emily then presents him with a new app she made— All About That Ace , a dating app for asexuals, which she said was his idea although he doesn't remember. She admits he was the best boyfriend she ever had, and she wished there was a version of him she could have sex with. Todd visits Diane at her apartment and asks for her help brainstorming something nice to do for Emily. He tells her she likes sex, which Diane replies is good that she knows her own body before she gives it to someone else. Todd forgets what they were talking about, and Diane reminds him it was sex.

He suddenly gets an idea and runs out. Emily is at Todd's apartment, where Todd has set up romantic candles and is wearing a robe, although he says he blew a fuse earlier and didn't have time to change clothes. He then reveals to her his new invention—Henry Fondle, a sex robot, which has dildos on it and says " sexy phrases " from a Mr. Spell toy. Emily is dumbfounded by this, and she tells Todd she doesn't think he knows how sex works. Todd defensively affirms he does know—it's his first time building a robot, in one afternoon at that.

He thinks it turned out pretty great for a first attempt. Emily tells him it was a sweet gesture. However, Henry Fondle knocks over some candles and sets the floor on fire. Emily thanks Doug the fireman for having come and put the fire out. Todd apologizes and tells her that the only reason he created the robot was so that she'd have more time to spend with him and pleasure herself. Emily and Todd both admit it would be great if they dated again, but Emily doesn't what to have sex with the robot. She then says when she was researching for the dating app, she learned some asexuals do have sex, but Todd rejects. Emily asks if he has any other ideas, and he says what if marbles were cube-shaped.

Emily responds with, "no dice. Todd says goodbye to Henry Fondle but his sex robot says " Let's get down to business, " making Todd think it wants to go to work with him. Henry repeatedly saying "Yes" convinces him. Todd leaves Henry Fondle in his office and warns him to be on his best behavior as he heads out. However, Henry Fondle makes his way out of Todd's office. Todd is unsure about this, but the CEO seems to be moved enough to go through with this. Todd asks Henry Fondle how he liked the show, and the robot says " More, more!

In The Showstopper , An ad featuring Todd, at the desk of his office, is shown. He tells the audience he hopes they're enjoying Philbert , but begins to freak out because he was supposed to sell ads for the show and didn't. He says that he needs to get thirty million dollars worth of ads, so if anyone out there wants to he's willing to say yes to anything. BoJack develops a strange conspiracy theory, that Todd is out to get him, during his drug bender.

He barges into Todd's office and goes off on a tangent as Todd tries to say it wasn't him. Todd does end up revealing that he gave a pharmaceutical the right to use Philbert characters to sell their products. BoJack accidentally knocks over multiple cardboard cutouts made for this, and Henry Fondle turns on, with a Fritz cutout stuck to the front of him. BoJack thinks " Fritz " is going to shoot him. As he tries to chase the robot, Todd and the walls around BoJack become set pieces, and fall down around him, leaving him in an empty set.

Todd is angry with Flip and Princess Carolyn for stopping production on Philbert , due to, as they put it, someone Gina getting " a little strangled," which some crew members filmed and might leak to the press. Todd wants to pull the plug on production to " cut losses. Todd tells Henry Fondle he wants to show him something. Todd takes Henry Fondle out to a field with a lone tree on it, telling him this is his special thinking spot.

As Henry Fondle continues to say lewd sexual phrases, one of them being " I love it when you call me father," Todd " kills " Henry by electrocuting him with a taser. As he " dies ," Henry Fondle's phrases distort into "I love you, father. Diane says she is sure BoJack has a reason to locate a girl in the middle of the night, however, she can't help him. BoJack then says Todd will help him, and asks Diane to connect them since he can't remember Todd's cell number.

Diane then connects him to Todd. BoJack tells Todd he needs a hacker, and Todd tells him he's not the kind of hacker he is looking for. Todd then tells him a story about the time he was accidentally entered into a hacky sack competition, and won by default, because the Russian he was competing against had a heart attack. Princess Carolyn then calls Todd, asking if he got the black-market porcupine milk. Todd tells her he got it, but he is not looking forward to riding the bus through Porcupine town. Todd then winds up being squished between the quills of two porcupines. In The New Client , Princess Carolyn is seen overwhelmed, as she has to take the baby with her to work, due to not having a nanny—and also the fact, neither she nor the baby got any sleep.

Todd says that sounds fun, and he has to go to a lot of meetings, which he is referring to as Todd Day. Princess Carolyn then tells him that is marvelous, and to have fun failing upwards, as she heads out the door with the baby. Todd replies he always does. Princess Carolyn has to go to a photoshoot, then phones Todd, asking him to take the baby for an hour or so, telling him she will meet him at VIM in fifteen minutes. Princess Carolyn then arrives at the photoshoot. Once she gets there, she is told they were supposed to bring their kids with them.

She then tells Todd to drop off her daughter at the photoshoot. Princess Carolyn later goes to Pastiches to get Mr. Peanutbutter who came for visiting day. The receptionist notices Princess Carolyn's arm has poke marks from needles. She explains they are from her baby's needles. Princess Carolyn is then offered chamomile tea and meditation by the receptionist. She says a quick break couldn't hurt. Princess Carolyn then changes into a Pastiches robe and falls asleep on a chair outdoors. She is awakened by BoJack, who informs her she has been asleep, for a really long time.

Princess Carolyn then asks where Mr. Peanutbutter is. BoJack then says, " oh yeah, Mr. She wakes up and is informed by BoJack that Mr. Peanutbutter left two days ago. Princess Carolyn calls Todd who reassures her the baby is fine, and with him. Todd then asks if she is referring to her daughter. Princess Carolyn asks who else would she be referring to. Todd then goes to pick up the baby. He arrives at the place where his meeting is happening with the baby.

The secretary tells him Mr. Kickerbocker will see him now. He then gets another phone call from Princess Carolyn, saying there has been a change of plans, and the baby is needed at the photoshoot. Todd then drops the baby off at Smashbox Studios for the shoot. Todd then arrives late to his meeting with N. Nickerbocker, who says Todd's being late made him angry, which made him respect Todd. Todd then apologizes, saying he has his hands full with Untitled Princess Carolyn Project. Nickerbocker asks if his project has legs, and Todd says she has legs. Todd goes to another meeting, with a lady, who says the whole town is buzzing about Untitled Princess Carolyn Project. She asks Todd if Untitled Princess Carolyn Project is the type of thing that can make a lot of noise.

Several of his poems were published in the late s in Gallows , a small poetry magazine published briefly the magazine lasted for two issues by Jon Griffith. Nomad ' s inaugural issue in featured two of his poems. By , Bukowski had returned to the post office in Los Angeles where he began work as a letter filing clerk, a position he held for more than a decade. In , he was distraught over the death of Jane Cooney Baker, his first serious girlfriend. Bukowski turned his inner devastation into a series of poems and stories lamenting her death. In a daughter, Marina Louise Bukowski, was born to Bukowski and his live-in girlfriend Frances Smith , whom he referred to as a "white-haired hippie ", "shack-job", and "old snaggle-tooth".

Hearse Press continued to publish poems by Bukowski through the s, s, and early s. Jon and Louise Webb, publishers of The Outsider literary magazine, featured some of Bukowski's poetry in its pages. They produced three issues over the next two years. In Bukowski accepted an offer from legendary Black Sparrow Press publisher John Martin and quit his post office job to dedicate himself to full-time writing. He was then 49 years old. As he explained in a letter at the time, "I have one of two choices — stay in the post office and go crazy I have decided to starve. As a measure of respect for Martin's financial support and faith in a relatively unknown writer, Bukowski published almost all of his subsequent major works with Black Sparrow Press, which became a highly successful enterprise owing to Martin's business acumen and editorial skills.

An avid supporter of small independent presses, Bukowski continued to submit poems and short stories to innumerable small publications throughout his career. Bukowski embarked on a series of love affairs and one-night trysts. One of these relationships was with Linda King , a poet and sculptress. This was a one-off performance of what was a shambolic work. His various affairs and relationships provided material for his stories and poems.

Another important relationship was with "Tanya", pseudonym of "Amber O'Neil" also a pseudonym , described in Bukowski's "Women" as a pen-pal that evolved into a week-end tryst at Bukowski's residence in Los Angeles in the s. In , Bukowski met Linda Lee Beighle, a health food restaurant owner, rock-and-roll groupie, aspiring actress, heiress to a small Philadelphia "Main Line" fortune and devotee of Meher Baba. Two years later Bukowski moved from the East Hollywood area, where he had lived for most of his life, to the harborside community of San Pedro , [27] the southernmost district of the City of Los Angeles.

Beighle followed him and they lived together intermittently over the next two years. They were eventually married by Manly Palmer Hall , a Canadian-born author, mystic, and spiritual teacher in Beighle is referred to as "Sara" in Bukowski's novels Women and Hollywood. In May , he returned to Germany and gave a live poetry reading of his work before an audience in Hamburg. This was released as a double 12" L. It's good to be back. In the s, Bukowski collaborated with cartoonist Robert Crumb on a series of comic books, with Bukowski supplying the writing and Crumb providing the artwork. Bukowski has been published in Beloit Poetry Journal. Bukowski died of leukemia on March 9, , in San Pedro, aged 73, shortly after completing his last novel, Pulp.

The funeral rites, orchestrated by his widow, were conducted by Buddhist monks. His gravestone reads: "Don't Try", a phrase which Bukowski uses in one of his poems, advising aspiring writers and poets about inspiration and creativity. Bukowski explained the phrase in a letter to John William Corrington : "Somebody at one of these places [ How do you write, create? You don't try. That's very important: not to try, either for Cadillacs, creation or immortality. You wait, and if nothing happens, you wait some more. It's like a bug high on the wall. You wait for it to come to you. When it gets close enough you reach out, slap out and kill it. Or, if you like its looks, you make a pet out of it. Bukowski was an agnostic.

Bukowski's work was subject to controversy throughout his career, and he readily admitted to admiring strong leaders such as Adolf Hitler and Franklin D. Hugh Fox claimed that his sexism in poetry, at least in part, translated into his life. In , Fox published the first critical study of Bukowski in The North American Review , and mentioned Bukowski's attitude toward women: "When women are around, he has to play Man.

In a way it's the same kind of 'pose' he plays at in his poetry— Bogart , Eric Von Stroheim. Whenever my wife Lucia would come with me to visit him he'd play the Man role, but one night she couldn't come I got to Buk's place and found a whole different guy—easy to get along with, relaxed, accessible. Copies of all editions of his work published by the Black Sparrow Press are held at Western Michigan University , which purchased the archive of the publishing house after its closure in Ecco Press continues to release new collections of his poetry, culled from the thousands of works published in small literary magazines.

According to Ecco Press , the release The People Look Like Flowers at Last will be his final posthumous release, as now all his once-unpublished work has been made available. Bukowski often spoke of Los Angeles as his favorite subject. In a interview he said, "You live in a town all your life, and you get to know every bitch on the street corner and half of them you have already messed around with. You've got the layout of the whole land. You have a picture of where you are Since I was raised in L.

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