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Michelangelo Last Supper

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Why Michelangelo Didn't Paint the Last Supper

Between the ages of thirteen and fourteen Lorenzo the Great saw Michelangelo sculpting a faun's head and it was this that secured his successful future. Throughout his career Michelangelo preferred to create sculptures rather than paintings. Yet, in his old age he did say that he thought it was more important to create great art rather than discuss what constituted great art. Michelangelo spent the majority of his life studying the human form and was obsessed with the body being a physical representation of the soul.

Michelangelo produced three pieces that are considered some of the greatest works of art in history; Pieta, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and the dome of St Peter's Basilica. Fall and Expulsion of Adam and Eve. The Last Supper. Leonardo da Vinci. Doni Tondo. Like many of the Renaissance masters Michelangelo was an artist who worked with different art forms.

Although he primarily considered himself a sculptor, he created some of the greatest fresco paintings and architecture the world has ever seen. At the young age of thirteen, when Michelangelo was working in Ghirlandaio's studio, he learnt the technique of painting frescoes and always said he preferred to work this way rather than with oil paints. In his frescoes Michelangelo never created his forms with a soft focus and believed it was more important to create figures with clear outlines, which was a Florentine tradition.

When Michelangelo created the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel he did not consider himself to be a painter because during his career he had primarily been working with sculpture. Even so this is difficult to believe due to the sheer size and beauty of his art. The Sistine Chapel was painted with bright, light colors that daringly harmonized. Michelangelo painted freely and with great dynamism.

During the high Renaissance there was a marriage between the Catholic religion and Greek mythology. For example, in the Sistine Chapel there is a meeting between God and Adam that is reminiscent of the Classical myths, man and God have been placed together and communicating. Despite the pagan elements, there's a clear Christian message in the piece. As can be seen in the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel Michelangelo was obsessed with the human form above all else and unlike da Vinci, he rarely spent time working with nature. Despite his irritable personality Michelangelo revered others and wanted to be liked. Thus in all of his works he focused his energies on understanding the form of the human figure.

Centrally, a small boat is about to capsize because of the unending downpour. And in the background, a team of men work on building the arc—the only hope of salvation. Unfortunately, from the floor of the chapel, the use of small, tightly grouped figures undermines the emotional content and makes the story harder to follow. In , Michelangelo took a yearlong break from painting the Sistine Chapel. The frescoes painted after this break are characteristically different from the ones he painted before it, and are emblematic of what we think of when we envision the Sistine Chapel paintings.

These are the paintings, like The Creation of Adam , where the narratives have been pared down to only the essential figures depicted on a monumental scale. Because of these changes, Michelangelo is able to convey a strong sense of emotionality that can be perceived from the floor of the chapel. Indeed, the imposing figure of God in the three frescoes illustrating the separation of darkness from light and the creation of the heavens and the earth radiates power throughout his body, and his dramatic gesticulations help to tell the story of Genesis without the addition of extraneous detail.

One of the most celebrated of these figures is the Delphic Sibyl. The overall circular composition of the body, which echoes the contours of her fictive architectural setting, adds to the sense of the sculptural weight of the figure. Michelangelo, Libyan Sibyl , c. The Libyan Sibyl is also exemplary. Although she is in a contorted position that would be nearly impossible for an actual person to hold, Michelangelo nonetheless executes her with a sprezzatura a deceptive ease that will become typical of the Mannerists who closely modelled their work on his. Michelangelo completed the Sistine Chapel in Its importance in the history of art cannot be overstated.

It turned into a veritable academy for young painters, a position that was cemented when Michelangelo returned to the chapel twenty years later to execute the Last Judgment fresco on the altar wall. Not bad for an artist who insisted he was not a painter. This painting at the Vatican Museums. Panorama of the Sistine Chapel from the Vatican. Sign up for our newsletter!

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