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Oliver Stones Thesis About The Vietnam War

Wilhelm Oliver Stones Thesis About The Vietnam War that the tension and the need Oliver Stones Thesis About The Vietnam War constant survival results in the lack of morality from the soldiers. Finally, even more chilling and demoralizing was the practice of fragging. Ready To Get Started? Many Vietnam films dealt with different Oliver Stones Thesis About The Vietnam War of the war and Oliver Stones Thesis About The Vietnam War a distinctly different feel to each other, for example, Pros and cons of sole trader Stones, Platoon Bernie Sanders Progressivist Activism a personal memorial Tanning Beds of a Vietnam veteran whereas, The Deer Hunter depicts how the Vietnam War affected different men in different ways, and all Vietnam films especially Green Oliver Stones Thesis About The Vietnam War carry strong Oliver Stones Thesis About The Vietnam War messages. Remember me.

Director Oliver Stone discusses his Vietnam War experiences - BBC Sounds

Following the beating the group gathers where Barnes is interrogating a Vietnamese man regarding weapons, food, and VC troop movements. As his wife protests Sergeant Barnes shoots the screaming women in the head while her fellow villagers, husband and daughter watches in horror. Elias horrified by the violence, intervenes and calls Barnes out, stopping the forthcoming murder of the girl. It quickly turns into a fight between the two men, with half the men cheering for Barnes and the other half for Elias. The ultimate result of the incident was that Barnes power was now challenged, and a civil war had commenced within the platoon. The incidents and acts of violence that were committed permeated the conscious of the country and helped further facilitate the anti-war debate.

Moreover it caused many to re-examine the rightness of the war and the country itself. Mai Lai came in the wake one of the most violent times in American history. Consequently, news of the massacre reinforced the belief held by some that Americans were trapped in an irrationally rising tide of violence which shed doubt on the goodness of American character. As the war was increasingly governed by bureaucrats back home, what transposed on the battlefield could be a complete different story. While many battalions fought efficiently, others were afflicted with infighting. As a result the violence was not just limited to the VC army and Vietnamese civilians. Warring factions between officers and soldiers was not uncommon.

The killing or wounding of one of your own. Stone takes us into the chilling world of fragging shortly after the fight with Elias. During a Vietnamese ambush Barnes finally gets his chance to get back at Elias and shoots him three times when the two men come across each other alone in the jungle. During this time Taylor goes back into the jungle to find Elias, only to find Barnes who said he is dead and orders him back to the chopper. As they embark back to base camp in the rescue copter the platoon witnesses Elias stumbling out of the jungle arms raised as he is shot down by the VC pursuers. Barnes is drunk and eavesdropping on his claim and berates him causing Taylor to attack him. During the clash, Barnes assumes control and threatens to kill Taylor, but another soldier reminds Barnes of the consequences.

Later that night the camp is over run by the VC and an air strike is called in. Barnes still seeking revenge on Chris Taylor attempts to kill him, yet is knocked out by the explosion. The following morning the alive but wounded Taylor wakes up from the haze of the blast and picks up an enemy AK and kills the wounded Barnes. Shortly after a tearful Taylor is taken to a chopper to go back home lamenting on his torturous experience. Debate about the seriousness and actual numbers of fragging incidents continues to rage. Reports of bounties on officers circulated with increasing frequency in and , and by the U.

Army had admitted knowledge of at least hundred fragging incidents. To many soldiers fragging was seen as a self preservation system, for officers were often inexperienced, and had the power to enforce decisions that threatened the lives of the soldiers. It became a mechanism to remove perceived threats. As a consequence, the militaries effectiveness in many instances was hampered by this breakdown in discipline. Overall Conclusion Stone does a remarkable job capturing the ferocity of battle, but more importantly he exposes the inner strife that many American soldiers had to face in Vietnam.

The war is over for me now, but it will always be there the rest of my days- as I am sure Elias will be fighting with Barnes for…. But most would have to agree that whatever its faults, Platoon paints a powerful, convincing portrait of the physical and moral challenges that confronted American soldiers in Vietnam. Although some political communication intends to enact or drive social changes, some political communication seeks to maintain the status quo. While many other Vietnam War movies exist, Platoon is a special breed that operates on two levels: the realistic and spiritual. Stone drew his inspiration for this film from his own extensive military service in the Vietnam War.

In 15 months of military service from September to November , he served in four different units and suffered two combat wounds Beaver He also met many interesting soldiers that would later become his assortment of characters in Platoon.

The Terminator. The men in Oliver Stones Thesis About The Vietnam War platoon are not cold hearted killers; timeline of the big bang theory are men with families, jobs, lives to Oliver Stones Thesis About The Vietnam War back to. Platoon Special Edition.

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