✎✎✎ Unrequited Love In A Midsummer Nights Dream

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Unrequited Love In A Midsummer Nights Dream

The Unrequited Love In A Midsummer Nights Dream, the sleep-world, the dream-world. Magickal Uses Unrequited Love In A Midsummer Nights Dream Herbs. It doesn't get any better. Carry quince seeds in a red flannel bag to Unrequited Love In A Midsummer Nights Dream against physical attacks and harm. L Crow Hong Kyung-min feat. Moratte Hoshikute.

Midsummer Night's Dream - Unrequited Love

Love, healing, and reducing stress. Lust, direction, frugality, favors, invisibility, and magickal potency. Also Called: Virginia Prune Bark. Brings a sense of the higher self, placing you in touch with your divine, immortal spirit. Fertility and love. Frigidity, favors, removing obstacles, and invisibility. Fidelity, love, and hex breaking. Spirituality, success, healing, protection, power, love, luck, strength, and prosperity. Also Called: Sweet Wood. An all-purpose magickal herb.

Draws friends to the home, customers to the business. Fidelity, protection, money, love, and success. Put in baths to aid in financial arrangements. Also Called: Ding Xiang. Protection and power. Also Called: Wolf's Claw. Helps to dispel nightmares and negative thoughts and to overcome internal blockages. Wealth, prosperity, and love. Love and courage. Also Called: Granny's Bonnet, Culverwort. Magickal uses include money, safety during travel, and any Saturnian purpose. Love, purification. Love, health, immortality, and protection. Sprinkle over the area where you and your mate argue the most to alleviate discord and strife. Fishing magick, rain, protection, luck, and healing.

Love, lust and adding fire to spells. Also Called: Tailed Pepper. Fidelity, protection, and exorcism. Fertility, happiness, lust, and protection. Associated with death and mourning; stimulates healing and helps overcome the pain of loss. Also Called: Tree of Death. Love, luck, and fertility. Love, luck, and innocence. Lust, sex magick and attracting love. Summoning spirits, healing, purification and defeating negativity. Magickal uses include divination, wishes and calling spirits. Protection, luck, attracting a new raise or job, giving control over opposite sex, and invisibility. Money, protection, luck and lust. Wishes, protection, and good health. Protection, energy, and purification.

Lust, harmony in the home, sea rituals and pacifying sea winds. Associated with the underworld. Also Called: Fumitory. Adds powerful strength to charms, sachets, and herb mixes. Useful for money drawing magick. Dried flowers can be burned as incense. Use on the altar as a offering to the spirits. Sleep, releasing enchantments, protection against negativity, wisdom, house blessing and business blessing. Elder flowers are useful in dream pillows. Wear to provide protection against evil, negativity, attackers, and the temptation to commit adultery. Note: Elder leaves, bark, roots, and raw berries are poisonous. Use with caution. Magickally used for banishing and to dispel angry or violent vibrations.

Associated with elves. Use in a sachet to attract love or in incense to purify initiates. Strong association with the Elven world and Tarot. Useful for baby blessings. Hide a sachet of elecampane or sprinkle it around doorways to keep out bad vibrations. Ground together with vervain and mistletoe for a powerful love powder. Love, protection from lightning. Strong correspondence with the Elven world. To stop slander, bury elm bark in a box with a piece of paper containing the name of the person who is speaking adversely about you. Attracts healing vibrations, great for protection and healing sachets. Use to purify any space. Use dried leaves to stuff healing poppets, pillows, or sachets. Arrange a ring of dried leaves around a blue candle and burn the candle for healing vibrations.

Magickal uses include love and attracting faeries. Carry this herb to increase psychic ability, improve memory, encourage rationality and increase positive outlook. Carry to bring a humorous and bright outlook when life seems dark and negative. Magickal uses include lusty spells and protection for mother and baby. Imparts strength, vitality, sexual virility; prevents curses, possession and negative problems.

Use in spells for protection, healing, and purification. Provides help and strength when facing danger or dire times. Fennel is thought to increase the length of one's incarnation. Hang in windows and doors to ward off evil. Used for money drawing and fertility magick. Use in floor washes to bring money to the home. Place in a jar and add a few seeds every day to increase money flow to the household. Mental clarity, cleansing, purification, and dispelling negativity. Keep in room where studying is done to help concentration. Burn a sprig of fern before an exam. Use in sachets and amulets for powerful auric protection. Use in charms or sachets for love magick or spiritual healing.

Keep flowers in suitcase or car when traveling. Divination, fertility, and love. Place a branch in front of the door before traveling to ensure a safe return. Write a question on a fig leaf -- if the leaf dries slowly, the answer is yes, otherwise the answer is no. Also Called: Common Fig. Wear around the neck for health and protection against the evil eye. Used for money spells and healing rituals. Mix seeds with red pepper and keep in a box in the home to protect it.

Put in a sachet to protect against hostile magick. Place some in shoe or in pocket, wallet, purse, or altar jar with a few coins to ward off poverty. Sprinkle an infusion made with flax seed around the area before divination to get a more accurate reading of someone's future. Burn for divinatory powers. Also Called: Linseed. Used to commune with those of the Underworld. Successful ventures, cleansing, purification.

Burn for protective work, consecration, and meditation. Used as an offering at Beltane, Lammas, and Yule. Enhances the power of topaz. Use in rituals and magick associated with self-will, self-control, or the ego. Represents the ability of the divine to move into manifestation. Add to charm bags and sachets to bring success. Mix with Cumin and burn as incense for powerful protection. Also Called: Frankincense Tears, Olibanum. Also Called: Earth Smoke. Magickal uses include winning in court, doubling money, hex breaking and sex magick.

Burn as incense to remove evil spells and break curses. Carry for protection, to improve psychic abilities and to bring good health. Carry to court to make the judge or jury feel favorably inclined toward you. Wrap money around the root and it will multiply threefold. Burn vigilantly for 14 days before a court case, saving the ashes and bringing them to court in a green flannel bag for luck. Carry or wear to attract love or friendship. Burn with other healing herbs to bring peace and comfort to one who is ailing. Use dried flowers in healing incenses and mixtures. Scatter around a room to bring peaceful vibrations. Magickal uses include healing, protection, exorcism, repulsion of vampires, and purification of spaces and objects.

Used to invoke Hecate. Guards against negative magic, spirits, and the envy of others. Hang in the home to bring togetherness to the family or keep your willpower strong. Said to ward off bad weather when worn or carried during outside activities. Believed to absorb diseases -- rub fresh, peeled garlic against ailing body parts then throw the garlic into running water. Also Called: Stinkweed. Repels insects. Balances mind and body. Draws adventure and new experiences. Promotes sensuality, sexuality, personal confidence, prosperity, and success.

Adds to the strength and speed of any mixture of which it is a part. Use in herbal mixtures for the consecration of athames to strengthen and energize the ritual blade. A ginger root in the form of a human is a very powerful magickal token. Also Called: African Ginger. Aphrodisiac, associated with fertility. Carry or use in amulets and charms as a healing herb. Useful in ritual healing. The dried nuts represent male fertility. Useful in all creative work. Immerse in water, then remove and keep in the bedroom to gain grace, love, and beauty. Magickal uses include love, beauty, protection, healing and lust.

Carry to draw love, health, money, and sexual potency. Carve a wish into a whole root and throw it into water to make the wish come true. Healing rituals, money spells, success. Beneficial in business dealings and matters of finance. Work into any charm or spell to increase its power. Associated with love, protection, romance, and weddings. Used to further the romance of a consensual relationship. Protects against negativity and dark magick. Used to increase the chances of getting a job. Aids one during times of distress. Useful as an altar offering, especially during love magick. Burn or strew about the house to relieve disharmony in the home or remove tensions.

An infusion of the herb rubbed on an erect member is said to improve male potency. Also Called: Acacia, Arabic Gum. Magickal uses include chastity, fertility, fairy magick, fishing magick, and rebirth. Also used for success in matters related to career, work, and employment. Place around the bedroom or carry to enforce or maintain chastity or celibacy. Sacred to the fairy. Used to decorate maypoles. Used in weddings and handfastings to increase fertility. Wear while fishing to ensure a good catch. Wear or carry to promote happiness and protect against lightning. Keep in a house to repel ghosts and evil spirits.

An infusion of the herb used to wash floors will remove negative vibrations. Heal All. Protection, luck, and immortality. Dip in water and sprinkle it around in a circle to bring rain. Carry in sachets or charms to protect against rape and other violent crimes. Hang or use in home decorations to promote peace. Burn with fern to bring rain. Also Called: Ling, Scotch Heather. Cheerfulness, gaiety, prosperity, and protection. Use in rituals of Drawing Down the Sun or in magickal workings requiring strengthening of the solar aspects of the self.

Place under the pillow to induce prophetic dreams. It is said that if you sleep with fresh heliotrope under your pillow, you will dream of the person that has stolen from your home. Also Called: Turnsole, Cherry Pie. Dried leaves are used in the consecration of ceremonial vessels. Used in love sachets and charms to gain the love of the person desired. Thrown into water to bring rain. Attracts love if worn close to the heart. Wear to ward off the evil eye and provide protection from illnesses. Also great for temporary tattooing and hair coloring. Attracting love and lust, divination, and dreams. Carry in a sachet or burn as incense to attract love.

Also Called: Kharkady. An "all purpose" herb, the uses of High John include strength, confidence, conquering any situation, obtaining success, winning at gambling, luck, money, love, health, and protection. Useful in all ritual work pertaining to prosperity. Wash hands in an infusion of the herb before playing games of chance. Marriage, dream magick, luck, and love. Planted around the outside of the home for protection.

Used as a decoration at Yule. When carried by men, is thought to heighten masculinity. Increase success in the material world, increase flow of money, or acquire new possessions. Grown near the home to help the success of the family flourish. Draws money, success, and quick abundance; Aids persuasiveness and confidence, sharpens intuition. Crush the flowers and rub into the forehead to enhance psychic powers.

Relaxing and sleep producing; a fantastic herb for dream pillows. Also used for healing rituals, sachets, and incense. Sacred to Horus. Excellent for use in home blessings. Place near doorways to keep trouble away. Promotes peace of mind and peaceful sleep. Attracts love, luck, and good fortune. Named for Hiakinthos, Greek God of homosexual love, this is the patron herb for gay men. Guards against nightmares when used as an oil, burned as incense, or included in dream pillows. Carry in amulet or sachet to ease grief or the pain of childbirth. The most widely used purification herb in magick. Lightens vibrations and promotes spiritual opening; used for cleansing and purification.

Said to protect property against burglars and trespassers. Used to consecrate magickal tools or items made of tin. The best herb for physical cleansing and washing of temple, ritual tools, or oneself bath magick. Also Called: Yssop, Ysopo. Attracts wisdom, courage, and faith. Use fresh iris flower to purify an area. Represents a belief in happy reincarnation. Symbolizes faith, wisdom, and valor. Useful for consecrating ritual wands. Used in rituals designed for baby blessings. An excellent luck herb. Add to luck oil to increase its strength. An excellent gambler's herb.

Sprinkle an infusion of the herb around a business to bring in customers. Carry in a purple flannel bag for control over others, including boss and co-workers not recommended - remember the law of threes. Protection, healing, fertility, and love. Hang an ivy plant in front of the home to repel negative influence and discourage unwanted guests. Mix in a sachet with Holly as a wedding gift to provide protection to the newly married couple. Place ground ivy around the base of a yellow candle on a Tuesday, then burn the candle to discover who if anyone is working negative magick against you. Uses include snakebite and divination; good for charging quartz crystals. Use in sachets and spells to draw spiritual love and attract a soul mate.

Carry or burn the flowers to draw wealth and money. Use in dream pillows to induce sleep or burn in the bedroom to bring prophetic dreams. Helps to promote new, innovative ideas. Luck in finding employment, wishes, and blessing. Used in counts of 3 or 7 in charm and mojo bags to attract luck, wishes and money. Carrying three will assist in finding a good job. Count out seven seeds while concentrating on a wish, then carry the seeds with you at all times for seven days -- the wish should come true by the end of the week. Banishes all things injurious to good health; attracts good, healthy energies and love.

Juniper berries can be carried by males to increase potency. Use a string of juniper berries to attract love. Burn for magickal protection. Place a sprig of juniper near the door to a home or with valuables to help safeguard against theft but keeping locking the doors, too! Use juniper oil in magickal workings to increase money and prosperity. Uses include aphrodisiac; potent sacramental drink; potions; induces visions; astral work; travel protection.

Carry for success and job promotion. Aphrodisiac, transmutation. Use in love potions or to increase the power of any magickal workings. Magickal uses include love, protection, healing, sleep, purification, and peace. Promotes healing from depression. Great in sleep pillows and bath spells. Believed to preserve chastity when mixed with rosemary. Burn the flowers to induce sleep and rest, then scatter the ashes around the home to bring peace and harmony. Use in love spells and sachets, especially those to attract men. Cleansing, spiritual opening, purification, and removal of blockages. Add lemon peel to love sachets and mixtures. Soak peel in water and use the mixture as a wash for magickal objects to remove unwanted negativity, especially for objects received second-hand.

Use an infusion of lemon to induce lust. Worn to increase attractiveness or to bed to prevent dreams. Added to other herbal mixtures and charms to increase their effectiveness. Used in purification baths. Carried in an amulet to attract the opposite sex. Love, lust, and fidelity. Carry to attract a lover. Fertility, renewal, rebirth, marriage, happiness, and prosperity. Soothing, calming, draws peace and tranquility, and repels negativity. Assists in empowering happiness and mental powers. Use in magickal workings to stop harassment. Married couples should plant Lily of the Valley in their first garden to promote longevity of the marriage. Note: Poisonous, use with caution. Mix equal parts Linden and Lavender flowers and place in a sachet under your pillowcase to relieve insomnia.

Keep Linden on a table to release the energies needed to keep the spirit alive and healthy. Used for attracting love and preventing storms. Love, protection, psychic opening, and spiritual growth. Lotus Root. Carry to keep thoughts pleasant and clear. Mark one side 'Yes' and the other 'No', then toss the root into the air as you make a wish to find out if the wish will come true. Prophetic dreams, energy, and purification. Use in bath spells for psychic cleansing. Use in sachets, amulets, or bath magick to enhance attractiveness and make yourself more love-inspiring. Add an infusion of lovage to the bath immediately prior to attending court to help bring victory.

Magickal uses include bringing good luck, protecting owner from all harm, travel safety, and gaining employment. Also Called: Orchid Root. Promotes concentration, focus, and self discipline; great for study and meditation. Used in reuniting rituals. Also Called: Macis, Muscadier. Magickal uses include fidelity, love and hair growth. Magickal uses include protection, prosperity, fertility, and exorcising evil. Carry to attract love. Wear to preserve health. Attracts respect and admiration, provides good luck in court and other legal matters. Great for bath spells -- add an infusion of marigold to the bath for 5 days to find "Mr. Add to sachets, amulets, and incense to attract new love or add life to your current relationship. Place above the bed or in dream pillows for prophetic dreams.

Scatter under the bed for protection while sleeping. Cleansing, purification, and dispelling negativity. Place under pillow to bring revealing dreams. Place in the corners of the home for protection. Use in love spells or place in food to strengthen love. Carry for protection or place in money mixtures and sachets to draw wealth. Put a pinch in the corner of each room in the house each month to attract a husband. Use an infusion in the bath for 7 days to aid in resolving sadness or grief. Protection and psychic powers. Burn as an incense for protection and psychic stimulation.

Place on the altar during ritual to draw in good spirits. Carry to gain popularity and friendship. Use in healing incenses and mixtures. Use an infusion of mesquite in the bath for purification. Protection, purification, love, dream magick. Use in sleep pillows to draw prophetic dreams. Use in bath magick to break hexes and prevent future problems. Scatter around an area for purification. Promotes energy, communication and vitality. Draws customers to a business. Use dried leaves to stuff a green poppet for healing. Place in wallet or purse or rub on money to bring wealth and prosperity. Use on the altar to draw good spirits to assist in your magick. Place in the home for protection.

Also Called: Garden Mint. Carry for luck in hunting. Use to draw in customers, money and business. Use in ritual baths or prayer bowls for healing. Magickal uses include invisibility and protection from evil. Use only the flowers in magick, as the roots give off fumes when drying. Excellent for redirecting predators who come after you. Note: Poisonous, use with caution and do not consume. Used for binding, banishing, and promoting attraction to someone or something. Wrap the vine around a poppet nine times to banish someone. Remember the law of three -- use of negative magick is not recommended. Also Called: Devil's Guts. Magickal uses include bolstering ego, building confidence, success and counter magick.

Keep in a jar by family pictures to keep the family safe. Place around divination and scrying tools to increase their power or near the bed to enable astral travel. Use in sleep pillow or place in a sachet under your pillowcase to bring about prophetic dreams. Use an infusion of mugwort to clean crystal balls and magick mirrors. Place beneath pillow or use in dream pillow to guard against nightmares. Carry to instill courage and help attract love from the opposite sex.

Use in place of graveyard dust in spells. Wear to keep wild animals at bay in unfamiliar areas. Burn to banish bad influences and bring an immediate halt to bad habits. Encourages self-esteem and desirability. Can assist in transmuting sexual love into spiritual connection. Stimulates the root chakra. Courage, faith, and endurance. Frequently used in voudoun charms. Carry a few grains in a small bag to guard against injury.

Sprinkle red mustard seed around the house to ward off burglars. Use yellow mustard seed in an amulet to bring faith followed by success -- this is one of the oldest known good luck amulets. Spiritual opening, meditation, and healing. This herb has high psychic vibrations that will enhance any magickal working. Burn as a potent incense to bring peace and for consecration, and blessing of talismans, charms, and magickal tools. Increases the power of any incense of which it is a part. Usually burned with Frankincense. Love, fertility, youth, peace, and money. Carry myrtle leaves to attract love, burn as an incense to bring beauty.

Wear or carry to attract true friendship. Use in sachets to ensure a peaceful and loving atmosphere. Also Called: Bayberry Tree. Calms vibrations and promotes harmony, tranquility, and peace of mind. Joy, happiness, confidence, and overcoming emotional blockages. Soothes, relaxes, and uplifts the spirit. Instills confidence and courage when carried or worn. Carry in a sachet or use with a poppet to turn back a spell on the one who cast it. Sprinkle on self to remove petty jealousies, gossip, envy, and uncomfortable situations. Include in money magick and sachets.

Sprinkle nutmeg powder on green candles for prosperity. Also Called: Myristica. The most sacred of all trees, its wood is often used in the making of magickal tools. Burn the leaves for purification. Use in fertility amulets. Hang a sprig in the home to ward of negativity and strengthen family unity. Also Called: Duir, Jove's Nuts. Fidelity, marriage, peace, money. Assures fidelity in love and is used to attract a marriage partner. Inspires fruitfulness and security in love, family, and business.

Prosperity, stability, endurance, and protection. Burn onion flowers to banish bad habits and negative influences. Cut onions in half and place in the corners of a room to absorb illness, then bury or burn the onion halves in the morning. Sacred to the moon. Attracts abundance and happiness through love and marriage. Use the leaves and flowers in love rituals to bring on a marriage proposal. Add an infusion of orange to the bath to increase attractiveness and beauty.

Money drawing. Put leaves in wallet or purse to attract money. Rub fresh leaves on money before it is spent to ensure its return. Also Called: Bergamot, Orange Mint. Attracts prosperity and stability; brings harmony, peace, emotional openness, and love. Use in herbal baths for attractiveness. Add to love sachets to help someone make up their mind. Promotes popularity, persuasiveness, and personal success. Aids communication and helps to open dialogs. Used to draw or hold love and romance. Add to the bath for personal protection. Used to bring love, romance, companionship and a loving mate. Add to sachets and sprinkle on sheets and around the house to draw or hold love.

Place a pinch in the corners of the room to open a new love. Use in bath magick to attract the opposite sex. Hang twigs of papaya wood over a door to keep out evil. Eat papaya with a loved one to intensify your love. Mix papaya leaves with mandrake and burn or use in the bath to reverse hexes and jinxes. Use to add energy to any spell or mixture. Throw in someone's yard to cause them problems. Calms and protects the home; Draws prosperity, financial increase, and luck. Restores a sense of well-being. Use in amulets or other magickal workings to help yourself out of a rut. Eat to provoke lust and promote fertility. Place on plates of food to guard against contamination.

Useful for bath magick to purify and end misfortune. Mix with jasmine and carry in your shoe to make you more attractive to the opposite sex. Magickal uses include attracting friendship and prosperity and heightening libido. Placed beneath pillow to promote sleep. Bathe in an infusion of passion flower for 5 days to attract the opposite sex. Put in the wallet or purse to draw money. Place in a charm or use in incense for fertility.

Helps to ground you and bring your consciousness back to the physical level. Burn to bring business growth. Also Called: Patchouly, Pucha Pot. Magickal use is for the ritual healing of severe diseases. Fertility, love, and wisdom. Eating peaches induces love. Wear a peach pit to keep away evil. Carry peach wood for longevity. Use peach pits or dried fruit in amulets and sachets for fertility and love. Lust and love Eating pears induces love. Use dried fruit in amulets and sachets for love and lust. Associated with employment, success, job security, and career matters. To insure that you do not lose your job, shell a small amount of pecans. While eating them, slowly visualize yourself working and enjoying your job.

Take the shells to work and place them where they won't be found or removed. Magickal uses include peace and tranquility. Worn to bring success to business. Use to rid the home of negative thoughts against you. Carry when dealing with negative vibrations of any kind. Place on a candle before or during uncomfortable meetings. Protection from hexes and jinxes. Good luck, good fortune, prosperity, and business success. Hang in the home or car for protection. Used to attract faeries. Use in rituals to cure or reduce lunacy. Courage, banishing negative vibrations. Burn to rid home or office of bad vibrations. Carry to ward off petty jealousy against you or aid in providing courage to face difficult situations.

Also Called: Piper. Place in sleep pillow to ensure peaceful sleep and bring about prophetic dreams. Use to anoint furnishings and household objects. Burn in a new home to clear out sickness and negative energy. Use in magickal workings to provide the push needed to bring change to one's life. Also Called: Brandy Mint, Lammint. Love within marriage, mental powers, and money. Carry to obtain grace, attract money, and protect against snakes and poison.

Use in magickal workings to restore lost memory. Burn with love incense before having sex with your husband or wife. Note: Can be poisonous, use with caution. Also Called: Sorceror's Violet. Promotes clean breaks, new beginnings, prosperity, success, strength, grounding, and growth; Also used for cleansing, purification, and repelling negativity. Great for house and business blessing. Place a pinch of dried leaves in the flame of a candle or throw into an East wind for healing.

Hang plantain leaves in the car for protection from evil and jealousy. Promotes persuasiveness, eloquence, and success in dealing with people; Attracts the notice of others. Magickal uses include finding lost objects and breaking hexes and curses. Carry to increase courage. Add an infusion of poke root to bath water to break hexes. Also Called: Phytolacca, Shang Lu. Poppy Seeds. Pleasure, heightened awareness, love, luck, invisibility. A popular ingredient in food magick. Sleep on a pillow stuffed with poppy seeds to bring relief from insomnia. Also Called: Opium Poppy, Mawseed. Magickal uses include safe travel, fertility, removing spells and breaking hexes.

Promotes the disclosure of secrets, resolution of mysteries, and revelation of truth; Breaks down dishonesty and secrecy. Put an infusion in a child's bath water or the dried herb in their pillows to get them to behave. Love, happiness, luck, and protection from evil. Carry quince seeds in a red flannel bag to protect against physical attacks and harm. Use quince seeds in charms and spells pertaining to love, protection, and happiness. Used in charms to ward off evil spirits. Associated with faeries. Used for healing, protection, love. Bathe in an infusion of raspberry to keep your current love relationship alive.

Magickal uses include fidelity, love, money, protection, and the blessing of domestic animals. Carry to aid in financial arrangements. Red Willow Bark. Magickal uses include meditation and clearing. A fabulous incense wood with a sweet and dry aroma. Great for use in incense, potpourri or bath magick. Place around sprains and dark bruises to help them heal faster. Wear or carry while reading or completing tasks to improve memory of the material and aid clear thinking great for students! Use an infusion of rosemary to wash hands before any healing magick. Protection, magickal power, success, anti-haunting. Use leaves and berries in amulets for healing and promoting psychic powers.

Also good for use in luck spells and mixtures. Rowan wood is often used to make wands and divining rods. Mix with jinx incense to cause destruction to an enemy not recommended! Rub on the inside of the knees to attract exciting sexual encounters. Aphrodisiac, love, healing, happiness, wind raising, lust and strength. Burn, wear, or carry for healing and strengthening psychic awareness. Commonly used in love magick, healing spells, and to control the weather. Wash hands with water and saffron or keep saffron sachets in your home to bring happiness. Used for self purification and dealing with grief and loss. Carried to improve mental ability and bring wisdom. Removes negative energy.

Place near a personal object of a person who is ailing when performing healing spells or rituals. Write a wish on a sage leaf and place it under your pillow for 3 nights -- if you dream of your wish, it will come true; if not, bury the leaf in the ground so that no bad will come to you. For women who do not want their partners to have outside relationships. Taemin Shinee feat.

Amber f x. Patti Kim. Lee Jin-sung Monday Kiz. Ryeowook Super Junior. Sunggyu Infinite. Ryeowook Super Junior feat. Sunggyu Infinite feat. Ailee feat. Shin Bo-ra. Luna f x. Simon Dominic feat. Luna feat. Chuseok Special — Best of the Classics. Sanchez Phantom feat. No Brain feat. Bae Woo-hee. Kim Tae-woo feat. Lee Won-jong. Lyn feat. San E. Shin Hye-sung Shinhwa. Uhm Jung-hwa. Narsha Brown Eyed Girls. Kim Min-jong. Yim Jae-beom. Byun Jin-sub. Kim Da-hyun feat. Soyou Sistar. Sandeul B1A4. Sim Soo-bong. Lee Moon-se. Jay Park feat. Lee Seung-chul. DJ Doc. Yoo Jae-ha. Jo Moon-geun feat. Jung Dong-ha feat. Gilme Clover. Hot Stuff. Sung Dae-hyun R. Heartthrob Special with Nam Jin.

ZE:A feat. Crispi Crunch. Shin Seung-hun. Park Sang-min. Yoon Sang. Kim Kwang-seok. Niel Teen Top. Joo Hyun-mi. Kim Jong-seo feat. Min Suk Raccoon Boys. Wax feat. Yun Si-yeong. Hong Kyung-min feat. Song So-hee. Lee Mi-ja. Lee Sun-hee. I Will Always Love You. Changmin 2AM. Park Jae-min. Jo Young-nam. Yoon Bok-hee. Michael Bolton. Im Tae-kyung feat. Paul Potts. Kim Dong-myeong Boohwal feat. Park Wan-kyu. Dynamic Duo feat.

Yang Hee-eun. Park Su-jin feat. Feeldog Big Star. Una furtiva lagrima L'elisir d'amore. Choi Jung-won. Yoon Min-soo Vibe. S feat. Hyoyeon Girls' Generation. Bae Ki-sung. You Don't Bring Me Flowers. Jo Kwan-woo feat. Poppin Hyun-joon. Minah Girl's Day. Bridge over Troubled Water. Let It Go. Kim Soo-chul. Shin Yong-jae 4Men. Lee Ji-hoon S. Jessi feat. Yuk Jidam. Kim Won-jun. Park Sang-min feat. Yeo Eun Melody Day. Joo Young-hoon. Chuseok Special. Shin Hae-chul. Baek Ji-young. Shin Yong-jae 4Men feat. Yubin Wonder Girls. Hwang Chi-yeul feat. Kim Yeon-ji. Son Seung-yeon feat. Son Jun-ho feat. Lunar New Year Special. Kim Jong-seo.

Kim Ji-woo feat. Kim Seung-woo feat. Romantic Punch. Lee Su-hyeon Akdong Musician. Legendary harmony with Lee Seung-chul. Jung Eun-ji Apink. Solji EXID. Second Moon feat. Chris Norman. I'll Meet You At Midnight. Living Next Door to Alice. Kim Dong-jun ZE:A. Chuseok Special with Nam Jin. Arirang Special. Kim So-hyun. Kim Jang-hoon. Knockin' on Heaven's Door.

Have You Ever had Coffee with an Angel? Kim Se-jeong Gugudan. The Prayer. Park Jae-jung. Eunkwang BtoB. Uji Bestie feat. MC Gree. Seollal Season Special. Where is the End of this Breakup? AOA Except: Yuna. Gain Brown Eyed Girls feat. Kim Jong-min. Niel Teen Top feat. Yoon Jong-shin. Shin Dong-yup Team Hello Counselor. Beauty and the Beast. Lim Hee-sook. Lee Nan-young. Noh Sa-yeon. Seventeen Except: Mingyu. The Blue. Kim Yong-jun SG Wannabe. Summer Special Part 3: Richard Marx. Now and Forever. DJ Doc [5]. Chuseok Special with Family. Yuju GFriend. The Knight of a Doll Part. Goon jo Ulala Session feat. Chung Kang-hee. Composer Yoon Il-sang. Shin Jung-hyeon. DK December feat. Kang Min-jeong.

Paul Kim. Youngjae Got7. Hyunsik BtoB. Lee Hyun Homme. Composer Lee Young-hoon. Kim Yong-jin Bohemian feat. DJ Koo. Cho Yong-pil. Hwanhee Fly to the Sky. Shane Filan [6]. S [7]. Robin Deiana France. Christina Confalonieri feat. Kim Hyun-joon Italy. Sam Okyere feat. Lee Eun-bi Ghana. Cao Lu People's Republic of China. Greg Priester United States. Jang Yun-jeong. Does Anybody Know This Person? Poppin' Hyun-joon [11]. Baek Ji-young [13]. Wheesung [16]. Kei Lovelyz [18]. Seong Hyun-woo. Nam Ye-sool. Ken VIXX. Geum Jan-di [ ko ]. Kim Na-ni [ ko ]. Yoo Tae-pyeong-yang [ ko ].

Monni Ha Dong-kyun Im Tae-kyung Romantic Punch Hoya Yurisangja Tei Seomoon Tak Love Of My Life. Somebody to love. Jung Dong-ha ft. Min Young Ki Song So-hee Son Seung-yeon Ben Kim Jae-hwan Park Hyun-bin Han Dong Jun and Yurisangja. Kang San-ae. Elton John. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Don't Go Breaking My Heart. Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word. Lee Chang Min Lee Sang-min. Duetto Lee Chang-min Bang Bang. Kim Jun-hyun Bobby Kim Kim Bum-soo. Hand in Hand. JK Kim Dong-wook Im Chang-jung. Huh Gak Forestella Jung Dong-ha Lee Eun-mi.


Unrequited Love In A Midsummer Nights Dream No Virgin! Hyunsik BtoB. Okumiya is in the Unrequited Love In A Midsummer Nights Dream. But I never michelangelo last supper it as much as I loved it last night when this happened.

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