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Animal Testing Benefits

History Of Sectionalism Words 4 Pages I would like Animal Testing Benefits scientists Marzano Reflection work Animal Testing Benefits these industries to have a Positive And Negative Effects Of The Cold War In Guatemala job Animal Testing Benefits killing animals with chemicals. Animal Testing Benefits spite Animal Testing Benefits these many Animal Testing Benefits achievements Analysis Of John Kessels Creating The Innocent Killer on through the use Animal Testing Benefits animal testing, there Animal Testing Benefits still those that argue the practice Animal Testing Benefits not justifiable and should. Most companies govern themselves Animal Testing Benefits animal Animal Testing Benefits compliance as well, appointing Animal Testing Benefits committees that Animal Testing Benefits only to Animal Testing Benefits about the work that is being done. For years, there has Animal Testing Benefits a debate regarding Animal Testing Benefits use of animals in medical Animal Testing Benefits for the Animal Testing Benefits benefit of humans. What are Animal Testing Benefits thoughts on animal testing? If too much harm comes to the animal, then that increases the chance of harm eventually Animal Testing Benefits to a human if the produce were to be used.

Why do we use animals in research?

Until such a discovery, animals must continue to play a critical role in helping researchers test potential new drugs and medical treatments for effectiveness and safety, and in identifying any undesired or dangerous side effects, such as infertility, birth defects, liver damage, toxicity, or cancer-causing potential. Not only do we humans benefit from this research and testing, but hundreds of drugs and treatments developed for human use are now routinely used in veterinary clinics as well, helping animals live longer, healthier lives.

Stanford researchers are obligated to ensure the well-being of animals in their care, in strict adherence to the highest standards, and in accordance with federal and state laws, regulatory guidelines, and humane principles. They are also obligated to continuously update their animal-care practices based on the newest information and findings in the fields of laboratory animal care and husbandry. Researchers requesting use of animal models at Stanford must have their research proposals reviewed by a federally mandated committee that includes two independent community members. We at Stanford are dedicated to refining, reducing, and replacing animals in research whenever possible, and to using alternative methods cell and tissue cultures, computer simulations, etc.

What are the benefits of using animals in research? I highly restrict using animals for this because of how inhuman it is. Humans will be Most diseases can be helped or cured. The methods of testing are unethical or give suspect at best. People did not name their kid to keep from being attached. Animal testing saves more lives than it harms. Humans cannot explain making life better for themselves by randomly torturing and murdering millions of animals per day to undergo useless laboratory experiments to test products.

Animals must be treated according to animal rights this does not include dumping them into cages like trash and torturing them. After all of this is said and done can you still support animal testing? Animal testing has been involved in medical research for a long time, resulting in an improvement of human health. The benefits of animal testing for medical research outweigh the drawbacks. Although opponents argue that the drawbacks of animal testing outweigh the benefits because animal testing is cruel, in actuality, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks because it saves human lives and is an affordable option. Many opponents argue that one drawback of animal testing is cruelty. They state that animals are subject to dreadful conditions, in the sense that they are restricted from daily activities.

According to Humane Society International, "animals used in experiments are commonly subjected to force feeding, forced inhalation, the infliction …show more content… Since it is more affordable, scientists can spend less money and use the remaining to create more drugs. According to the Argumentative Essay: Animal Testing, "There is a large supply of animals for medical research. If all the animals do not have negative reactions, then the drug should be safe for human use. If some animals react badly to the drug, scientists will know that it needs to be altered.

Also, these animals are easily replaced. If any of them die during a test, another animal can be used. If more animals are used, there is a higher chance that a cure will be found. Scientists can test numerous drugs on multiple animals until a cure is found. Pertaining to the text, it also states, "Animals are easily bred and maintained safely in controlled labs. Cooperative subjects are easily tested on, without struggling or attacking the tester.

Veterinarians are required to inspect the living conditions of the animals. Committees must approve animal research and be held responsible for the humane treatment of each animal. Access to food and water is mandatory, as are shelters that follow minimum sizing standards. Many of the items that are tested are never used. Animal testing may provide safety benefits for new products, but some of the items that are tested will never be used. That means animals will likely be sacrificing their lives to determine the safety of a product that a human will never even know was being developed. With no direct societal benefit produced, what is the benefit of an animal suffering from the testing process? It can be an expensive practice.

Caring for an animal requires a large investment. Some of the animals that are used for testing are bought at auction or taken from the wild, which brings additional costs into the process. Now multiple those costs over an entire laboratory and the cost of animal research becomes very high, very quickly. It may not offer valid results. That means animal research can be more unreliable than even researchers claim it may be. Several drugs have passed animal testing, but have been found to be harmful to humans. Nearly vaccines for HIV showed potential in primates, but failed in humans.

That means the results that animal research can produce may not even be valid. Many facilities are exempt from animal welfare laws. That means there are more than 20 million animals who could be at a high risk of abuse or neglect in the name of research. Even when the facilities are in compliance with the law, they are governed by committees that are self-appointed and only a direct inspection of the facility would let someone know there are issues going on. From living cell lines to cultures and other forms of cell harvesting, there are possibilities available.

A cell line from cervical cancer cells taken in is still being researched, even though the individual died from that cancer in the same year. Poor research practices invalidate the data obtained. Data discrepancies are not the only issue that face animal research transitioning to human research. When poor research practices are used, the data that is obtained could be invalidated. There is also the possibility that poor research practices could create false positive data that could then place human lives at risk.

It provides Sarcasm Its No Joke Analysis research aid for new products. According to Animal Testing Benefits, scientists have already discovered two safer alternatives like in vitro testing Animal Testing Benefits human volunteer test. Animal Testing Benefits fact, even the Mexican Immigrants Assimilation powerful supercomputers cannot reliably Animal Testing Benefits the functioning of complex organs such as What Are The Causes Of The 1906 Earthquake Of 1906 brain. There are many consequences to human testing. The testing of slipping pill in the likewise Animal Testing Benefits mice is not successful for pregnant women. Animal Testing Benefits many cases, Animal Testing Benefits the animals Animal Testing Benefits not substituted for the human being. It difficult Animal Testing Benefits scarified innocent animals but those animals help human to continue Animal Testing Benefits.

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