🔥🔥🔥 Spanish Music Affecting Latino Youth Culture

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Spanish Music Affecting Latino Youth Culture

Women of color, nonbinary Spanish Music Affecting Latino Youth Culture of color, What Is The Johnson-Reed Act Summary gender diverse peoples of color stand Spanish Music Affecting Latino Youth Culture -- in Spanish Music Affecting Latino Youth Culture and strength -- as influential trailblazers in the legal arena. Such words most often apply to agriculture and the natural world. Nanotechnologies in drug delivery: electrospraying. Strategies emerging from Spanish Music Affecting Latino Youth Culture reunion Spanish Music Affecting Latino Youth Culture other meetings of an academic focus Spanish Music Affecting Latino Youth Culture Mexican Americans have resulted in Spanish Music Affecting Latino Youth Culture creation of a growing number of Chicano studies programs nationwide. Social Forces. Spanish Music Affecting Latino Youth Culture schools. According to the Latino National Spanish Music Affecting Latino Youth Culture Survey Many Anglo Americans join in commemorating this date, though its historic importance is known by only Spanish Music Affecting Latino Youth Culture negligible number of revellers.

Political Uprisings \u0026 Their Influence on Latin Music - Hispanic Heritage Month

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With unremitting efforts, the organization led by Zhang has contributed to the signing of MOU and cooperation agreements between Canadian and Chinese health institutions. Zhang has lived in Ontario since Through her efforts, she has contributed to the creation of employment opportunities, support of multiculturalism and the promotion of trade. She has demonstrated the spirit of immigration with perseverance and hard work. She was awarded the Leading Women Building Communities in The province of Ontario recognized her for her exceptional community leadership to improve the lives of girls and women in Ontario.

Zhang believes the company grows with the community development and needs contribute to the community. He currently operates within the capacity of a design strategist at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and is working toward his chartered professional accounting designation with CPA Ontario. Following his resignation, he decided to return to university. He worked full-time from 9am to 5pm and attended classes from 7pm to 10pm. He then graduated in with an honours degree in accounting. In , his challenges grew as he lost his apartment while facing an enormous amount of debt.

With nowhere to go and no savings, he resided at a partially uninhabited home owned by his in-law. Smith sought to use this opportunity to clear his debts and did so successfully. In this, Smith found his passion and would volunteer his time in different communities to teach people about financial literacy. To date, more than 3, people have benefited from this initiative. Smith is now a mentor to several in Toronto and Jamaica.

He founded a voluntary scholarship program, which awards a male and female that demonstrate strong leadership and community development skills each year. He authored and published his first book entitled, Living Purposefully Beyond the Walls of the Ghetto as he continues to inspire youth. A digital platform for psychological wellbeing is also being explored. Arriving in Canada, Tsimerinov encountered many obstacles.

Undeterred, he persisted, graduating from Rotman Commerce and receiving the George J. Leonidas Graduation Award in Commerce and Finance. Tsimerinov brings top-level global executives and Canadian leaders of various backgrounds together to create dynamic impact. He is honoured to contribute a Canadian perspective at global summits, and as a speaker at conferences from New York to New Delhi. Boris helped create two case studies, one based on situations he encountered and taught at several of these schools. Additionally, he received the University of Toronto Arbor Award for outstanding volunteer service. Scientist entrepreneur City: Burnaby, B. Country of Origin: Mexico. Viridiana Perez was born and raised in Mexico City. She immigrated to Canada in Later on, while carrying out postdoctoral research at Simon Fraser University, she earned a graduate certificate in science and technology commercialization from the Beedie School of Business and a Certificate in University Teaching and Learning.

As a woman in STEM, her contributions extend beyond her academic achievements. Perez actively engages the community through science outreach events focused on empowering young women to unlock and reach their full potential in STEM fields. Alive program as well as other science outreach events with local K schools. In a radio interview with Global News CKNW, she raised awareness about the dangers and benefits of nanomaterials, as well as the urgent need for regulatory guidelines around safety of such materials. The company was also awarded first place for its business plan at the Apex competition hosted by the University of New Brunswick in Her startup focuses on commercializing portable instrumentation to protect workers from exposure to toxic metal nanomaterials, a risk often overlooked in various industries.

Her research focuses on designing interactive technologies that empower people, improve lives, and contribute to solving many societal problems. She applies her work to tackle real-life problems in various domains including improving a wide range of health and wellness objectives such as mental health. She has won millions of dollars from competitive grant funding to support her work. With more than scientific papers, Orji has won more than 60 prestigious awards and recognitions for her outstanding achievements both in academia and in society at large. She also won many research excellence awards and a digital leadership award as a Women Leader in Digital Economy for her work in advancing technology.

Orji is a renowned speaker who has delivered more than speeches including speaking at a United Nations panel and at Canadian Parliaments. Above all, Orji is a champion of diversity and inclusion in STEM through her numerous activities and using herself as a practical example. She is passionate about inspiring the next generation of youth and female tech leaders, promoting research excellence, equity, diversity and inclusion in STEM. She is a positive influencer and mentor who broke the barriers of growing up in a disadvantaged background and making a great impact on the global stage.

She graduated as a top student with first-class honours standing in all her studies and was recognized by various governments. Since , ComIT has been working with those less fortunate who are in need of a no-cost training strategy. ComIT has expanded its program nationwide, helping more than people per year, offering them full access to a tailored IT education so they can take their rightful role in the Canadian economy. In , Listingart was featured by the federal government of Canada on their ImmigrationMatters campaign where his story and work was shared to portray the importance of immigrants in the future of the country.

In , ComIT launched along with Google Canada and the support of organizations such as Indspire, Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and many others, its Recoding Futures program for Indigenous learners, reaching people across the country with an interest in pursuing a career in IT. More than people already participated in the trainings, from coast to coast. Raised in Buenos Aires, Listingart is the youngest child of a low-mid class family and has called Canada home for six years. City: Victoria, B.

Country of Origin: Pakistan. Through his lived experiences of being a person of colour and an immigrant, he understands what it takes to create a space that encourages belonging. As a volunteer, he has led numerous organizations where he has played a significant role in transforming organizations and engaging the community. Tharani is a digital health professional with 22 years of experience in the social services sector across Canada and internationally. He has worked nationally and internationally in both public and private sectors. Throughout his career, he has continued to support many professionals through coaching, mentorships, co-op placements and employment opportunities. He is the founder and CEO of a boutique digital health consulting company providing bespoke management consulting services to clients in Canada and abroad.

Tharani was recently elected to the board of Digital Health Canada, where he will contribute to and influence the development and advancement of the Canadian digital health industry. Tharani arrived in Canada in as the youngest of four siblings, all of whom were born in Pakistan. His parents made Pakistan home for more than two decades before making the life altering decision to move their family to Canada. Arriving in Canada as a teenager, Tharani looked to his siblings as role models for navigating his new identity as a Canadian. This transition at such a pivotal age, was the beginning of his journey in articulating his personal values of authenticity, trust and empowerment. He currently resides in Victoria, B.

Director, global supply chain logistics, Apotex Inc. Originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, Alma Arzate relocated with her family to Canada in , where they had no family or friends. Back then, she had to make the decision to take a step back in her career as part of the move. Arzate is now a director, global supply chain logistics for Apotex Inc, where she leads a diverse team of supply professionals. As a leader in the workplace, Arzate embraces inclusion and constantly provides opportunities to leverage the skills, education and experience of many immigrants. Over the last few years, she has been involved in facilitating developmental moves or promotions for more than 30 of her team members.

She has made a positive impact on their self-confidence and career advancement. Many organizations reach out to Arzate to seek her advice and participation. Despite her hectic schedule, she constantly volunteers to assist. Her hope is that her audience will connect with her, learn from her journey and the many obstacles she has had to overcome to find her voice and be recognized as a leader in male-dominated industries and professions, and will get inspired to find ways to achieve their dreams and become the best version of themselves.

Honestly, if this helps to prove something, is that if I could do it, anyone can! Her family is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC , and they were working in the diplomatic field which is the main reason they moved around. Kumbakisaka studied international relations at the University of Manitoba, in addition to that she completed a course in peace building and conflict resolution at the University of Ottawa and recently completed a research work remotely with the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin, Germany. Kumbakisaka was the Canadian delegate at the UN where she elevated her voice in international dialogue, empowered youth to advocate for future generations and mobilized youth as agents of impact change.

Now residing in Ottawa, Kumbakisaka is a foreign policy researcher and strategic communications and partnerships co-ordinator in the international cooperation sector with International Association of Political Science. She also got appointed as the Global Ambassador of Canada for Youth Opportunities which is a large international youth organization for young professionals doing extraordinary things in both local and the international community. Her second job is with a union for federal government employees in Ottawa.

Being fascinated by sciences from a young age, Zeynep Cildir always found herself wanting to study medicine. Before she can start high school, her family had to immigrate to New Jersey Within the same year, her family had to move to Texas which then followed moving to Calgary within 3 months. Being discouraged by her grades dropping whenever they moved, Zeynep was hesitant to study sciences, and even was told by one of her teachers that she should not be thinking of going into medicine due to her grades.

Despite the discouragements, when her family moved to Ottawa, she started studying to get accepted into Biomedical Sciences at the University of Ottawa. Following her acceptance, her first semester did not go as planned as she had limited resources. With her willingness to learn and strong passion, she ended up getting 4. Just so other students do not go through the hardships and lack of resources she encountered, she co-founded Passionate Minds which is a non-profit helping students transitioning into university. Additionally, she is a competing athlete and an undergraduate researcher. Additionally, she is working part-time as a Medical Office Assistant at CareMedics while maintaining her academic excellence.

Juanita DeSouza-Huletey is a trailblazer. She wears many hats: an industry and community leader, educator, mentor, life coach and patron. DeSouza-Huletey has been a phenomenal pillar of the African community contributing enormously to its success and growth for several decades. ACOMI website and fundraising activities. Advocating for immigrants, she works with prominent community and industry leaders to provide sustainable platforms, resources and support for successful integration in Canada.

A champion for women in STEM careers, she has successfully transformed the lives of many by breaking barriers in the workplace, providing career mentorship and creating platforms for women to own and launch their success stories. An eloquent public speaker, DeSouza-Huletey leaves people roaring with laughter yet also sometimes they are moved to tears. As a result, she is held in high esteem by her students, colleagues and community members. Her advice on integrating in Canada: stay positive, speak up, have courage even if you are the only one standing in the room representing your community. She is an internationally recognized researcher on immigrant health. In , she was a collaborating researcher at the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development and presented her work to international policy makers across UN organizations in Geneva.

The African Child and Youth Migration Network is a network of around 35 researchers located worldwide. The program seeks to socially and economically empower Black youths to contribute meaningfully to society. It is the first interdisciplinary, university-based mentorship program for Black youths in Western Canada. Several social service agencies have used her work to inform the design and development of their programs. For example, her work on the mental health of Black youth has informed the development of interventions and the creation of a mental health clinic for Black people in Alberta.

She is also currently associate editor for the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Bukola Salami migrated from Nigeria to Canada in President, Ni-Met Metals Inc. An immigrant does not have too many choices. Failure is not an option, and success is not easy. Within a limited timeframe and with limited career choices, the immigrant must embark upon their new life in a new land and then furiously work to achieve goals. The challenges multiply multifariously when the immigrant chooses to become an entrepreneur. Group, chose the hard path of turning into an entrepreneur when he immigrated to Canada in Three decades later, by any measurable standards, Shah is immensely successful — despite the humble beginning and limited resources.

The reason for his success is simple. It is said that behind the success of every man is a woman. Shah explains in his case there are six women: his mother, his wife, his sister, his daughter, his daughter-in-law and his granddaughter. An eager and enthusiastic believer in the power of doing good and sharing his good fortune with the society, Shah has utilized his entrepreneurial skills to contribute to the Canadian economy through Ni-Met Metals Inc. As a philanthropist, Shah is involved with community-based organizations. He never refuses any request for philanthropic assistance, and he has made a substantive difference to the Trillium Health Partners Foundation, the Canada India Foundation and the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce. As a public policy enthusiast, Shah has advocated for a better understanding and co-operation between Canada and India — two countries that share many commonalities.

He dedicates his time and resources to promote bilateral trade, investment and runs a golf tournament, the proceeds of which are divided between families of fallen soldiers in Canada and India. Learn more at www. Jack Rabba was born into abject poverty. During adolescence, his father was bedridden and at 13, Rabba had to take any job he could find in restaurants and hotels to support his parents and siblings. These jobs afforded him an opportunity to serve visitors from many nations, but it was the compassion and kindness of Canadians that sparked in him an undying love for our land. Rabba immigrated in with only the promise of a clerical job at a hotel, the clothes on his back and his Canadian aspirations.

Unwilling to take his opportunity for granted, he spent every moment focused on building a better life. He and his wife, Ingrid, were married at Old City Hall while they were both on their lunch break! Soon afterward, he got work as a convenience store manager. Working long hours, Rabba was able to put a down-payment on a small convenience store in the heart of Toronto. He helped his parents and young siblings to immigrate a few years later and continued to carry his immigrant family on his shoulders while building a successful neighbourhood business. Before long he realized Torontonians were looking for more variety, so he expanded the store. Customers liked the new selection and so one small store became multiple neighbourhood markets.

In , Rabba renamed the chain and launched Rabba Fine Foods. Today, there are 36 locations across Ontario! Rabba has created thousands of jobs and he continues to give opportunity to, mentor and support new Canadians. His companies have also been proud contributors to countless charitable and community organizations. Rabba also provides hundreds of thousands of dollars of food and financial donations annually to the Mississauga Food Bank to help support the goal of ending food insecurity. Throughout it all, Rabba remains a fiercely proud Canadian who still helps immigrants establish themselves in the great nation he idolized as a youth. By making the most of his opportunities he has managed to help improve the lives of innumerable fellow Canadians.

Alwar Pillai is the co-founder and CEO of Fable, an accessibility testing platform powered by people with disabilities. With Pillai leading the charge, Fable is helping world-renowned companies like Walmart, Shopify and Slack build products that work for everyone, and unlocking access to the digital world for millions of users. Pillai grew up in India and attended an alternative school that focused on holistic learning and abstained from academic learning. At a young age, Pillai was made aware of her privilege and the role she can play in providing equal opportunity. Pillai is passionate about sharing the importance of accessibility and inclusive design with people all around the world. Amir Miri is an experienced realtor with a focus on the Vancouver real estate market.

He holds a dual bachelor of arts with honours in hotel management and tourism from Manchester Metropolitan University and IMI University in Switzerland. Miri comes from a family of real estate investors, architects and interior designers, giving him the ultimate real estate understanding. Miri brings constant and needed change to the real estate sector in Vancouver. With his wealth of experience and education, he has utilized strategies that have contributed to the growth of exclusive luxury hotels such as Four Seasons hotels and resorts, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Kempinski hotel groups, and Starwood hotel group.

When Miri is not helping clients get the best deals in real estate or talking at conferences, Miri sits on the board of directors at the Canadian Iranian Foundation, a charitable organization that facilitates the social and cultural integration of newly arrived immigrants in Canada. His involvement in the Canadian Iranian Foundation, which is a non-profit organization has allowed him to help families in need and provide scholarships to students. The organization also educates and advises new immigrants about education, charitable work and social reform in Canada. Having been an immigrant himself, Miri uses his wealth of experience to train new immigrants on what they can expect in Canada. Born with a natural interest in people and foreign communities, Ankur Mahajan stumbled upon a globe at the age of six, and could not stop wondering what happens in other parts of the world.

Following this passion, Mahajan has lived in 14 countries globally. When he got here in , starting life alone in Canada was tough for him. No one was willing to hire him without Canadian experience. So, he decided to contribute to the Canadian International Development Programs in war-torn countries. Mahajan served for years in war-torn areas of rural Afghanistan and African nations until , while receiving recognition for numerous development initiatives related to gender equality, food security and more. Following his passion for documenting the culture of war zones and a desire to assist struggling charities, Mahajan authored his bestselling memoir Life Beyond Bullets , about humanity in diversity.

All royalties from this memoir are donated to Canadian NGOs. He continued to volunteer with humanitarian groups like the Ottawa Mission, Canadian University Service Overseas, among others. He received an Assistant Deputy Minister award for providing outstanding service as a public servant for the tumultuous year As a competitive judo athlete, Mahajan achieved successful results at the provincial and national levels, and also represented Canada internationally. Despite exploring more than a dozen countries, Mahajan sees Canada as the home of actualization.

An internationally acclaimed Indian classical vocalist, Ramneek Singh is a highly coveted musician who performs in Canada and all around the world. Rajan Mishra. The influence of many masters and decades of vocal training has given Singh the freedom to refine her own style and impart expressive feelings to technically sound renditions; her wide repertoire includes Khayal, Thumri, Bhajan, Gurbani Shabad and Sufiana. Along with many albums to her credit, two of her recent CDs, Saanjh and Bandishein , were recorded at a state-of-the-art studio in Canada, and have been critically acclaimed for musical tonal quality, poetry and sound engineering.

Her elaborate explanations of Raag and lyrics in English are integral to her successful shows, allowing her to connect with a wide range of audiences. A guest lecturer at many universities including University of Victoria, University of Buffalo and MIT, her explanations of the art, science and emotion in her music bridge the gap between North American and Indian culture.

Singh yearns to help others through the power of music. During the pandemic, she performed more than 25 online concerts t o bring solace to her listeners all over the world. Her unique skill set, diverse background and expertise has allowed Shiyen Shu to impact the world in many different ways. As an executive coach, Shiyen Shu helps ambitious leaders and high achievers become more successful at work and in life quickly, and be able to sustain those positive changes. Although she currently works with top leaders, she started her journey serving the most vulnerable and sick individuals in the health care industry in Toronto.

She is the host and curator of the podcast Lessons in Leadership and Life that features candid conversations with top health care leaders, and has been praised for her ability to allow leaders to comfortably talk about the most sensitive issues. She is certified project management professional PMP , and a certified yoga teacher. She blends her diverse training in executive coaching, occupational therapy, yoga, meditation and neuroscience to create a truly holistic and empowering approach for leaders and organizations.

She previously co-founded Beyond Intellect, an organization committed to holistic health and wellness. She is a lifelong learner and volunteers much of her time to mentor and coach new professional immigrants in Canada and professional students at the University of Toronto. She is an adjunct lecturer at the University of Toronto and serves as director on the board of the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists. Shu is a proud mother of two young girls who teach her the most important life lessons everyday. She was born and raised in the bustling city of Mumbai, India, where she was exposed early on to the diversity of life among people and the unlimited human potential to grow.

Entrepreneur City: Stratford, P. Country of Origin: China. In , Chang established the Flourish Development Group of which he is president. The group is engaged in real estate development projects, construction and property leasing. The Foxwoods Project is a commitment to the town to build a sustainable community that involves, in part, providing 30 per cent of the area as green space and building high-end energy-efficient single-family homes. The completed development will see the construction of units. Phase 1, which is underway, involves the construction of 28 of the eventual units.

To date, three different construction companies using different energy-efficiency techniques have completed 14 units, five are under construction and three more will start this year. The completed units have been independently certified as being an average of 40 per cent more energy efficient than required by the Canada building code. Phase 1 is planned to be completed by the end of This project is an agreement with the Government of P. Once completed, it will be P.

Many energy-saving modifications have been done to these properties to provide quality service to its tenants. Gurdeep Pandher is a Yukon-based, Bhangra instructor. He creates performance pieces that bring together artists from all backgrounds while promoting inclusivity and diversity. Currently, he is best known for bringing happiness and positivity during the pandemic through his online dance classes and videos. The dance performances and videos are watched by millions of viewers throughout the world.

Although he is presently a dance instructor at Yukon University, Pandher has experience teaching Bhangra workshops at many venues in the Yukon, Canada and throughout the world. Along with this, his sessions are a considerable workout and a fun way to introduce physical activity. For more information, please visit Gurdeep. Mauricio Ospina immigrated to Canada with nothing and elevated not only himself but also the profile of an entire community across the country — an achievement recognized by prime ministers, universities and media. He came to Canada in with only a high school diploma and zero English.

He cleaned floors the first four years in Canada — and seemed destined to continue doing so forever. Starting in , he founded four professional and business associations in Canada, all still operational. In , he created a national annual program 10 Most Influential Hispanic Canadians currently with winners from 16 countries and six provinces. Ospina is an inductee in the Canadian Who is Who, the standard reference listing the top 10, Canadians. Like most Canadians, Oncel immigrated to Canada with big dreams hoping for a better future for herself and her family.

She immigrated from Romania at a young age of 19 years old. As such, Oncel is a devoted mentor to women in various industries and always ready to answer any questions for women transitioning from education to the workforce. At five years of age, the Tiop family immigrated to Canada as a result of the second Sudanese Civil war and concurrent political instability within Kenya. In University, Tiop undertook a number of projects. At the ScantelburyLab, she contributes to pediatric epilepsy research. Leveraging her background in software development and strength in mathematics, Tiop was able to automate electroencephalogram analysis through the use of time and frequency analysis by way of the Fourier transform, digital filter design and Continuous Wavelet Transform.

At both the Chang-Chun Ling Lab and Paul-Arnold Lab, Tiop contributes to wet-lab research focusing on synthesis of inhibitors for tumor-associated glycosyltransferases and gene-environmental interactions in the development of psychiatric disorders respectively. Tiop is also involved in community research, specifically, the regional five-year initiative —spearheaded by the Calgary Centre for Newcomers — aiming to standardize the co-ordination of newcomer youth settlement services. In addition to research, Tiop is actively involved in the broader technical community.

With an international team of undergraduates, she successfully competed in Infosys Summer of Ideas program an international Hackathon under the theme of artificial intelligence. Her team was successful in using machine learning algorithms e. The FHL supports new Canadian youth using sports as a tool to assist in integration, develop a sense of belonging and leadership development. Simply put, Golden Mti attempts to address barriers to post-secondary education for BIPOC children by equipping youth with resources to succeed through professional tutors, workshops and mentorship.

Leo Nupolu Johnson spent eight years in refugee camps in Ivory Coast and Ghana, having fled from civil war in his native Liberia. In , he was resettled in Canada as a government-assisted refugee. In , Nupolu Johnson founded Empowerment Squared, a charitable organization committed to building a world where everyone is empowered with the tools and opportunities to thrive and contribute to society through mentorship and access to education.

Under his leadership, the organization has assisted more than 10, newcomer youth and families with settling in Canada. The organization recently completed the groundbreaking ceremony for Liberian Learning Center which will house the only public library in the West African Nation of Liberia. He has received the J. In subsequent years, he was engaged in research and teaching at various universities, including the University of Leicester in England, the Universities of Toronto and Windsor in Canada, the University of Sindh in Pakistan and the University of Khartoum in Sudan. In , he co-founded Calmar Orthopaedics, which offers custom-built prosthetic devices for amputees. He set up a private college in , accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities, and produced more than 5, Network Engineers, Database Administrator and Software Engineers.

He has been active on the boards of several non-profit Canadian organizations that carry out a range of projects to help underprivileged communities. Among these is the International Development and Relief Foundation IDRF , a Canadian registered charitable organization that provides relief aid and development assistance worldwide. He has served as a member of the board of directors, was twice elected as the president, and is currently in the advisory council. He has been associated with IDRF for the last 35 years. He continues to be active with this program as a member of the fundraising committee.

The object of the council is to promote trade between Canada and Pakistan. He has also been part of a Canadian trade delegation to Pakistan. Apart from his professional life, he writes fiction and has published two novels so far, while the next one is on its way. John Grand Priory. In the meantime, he continues to tour worldwide as soloist with different orchestras recently with Sinfonia Toronto across South America and in recitals and chamber music concerts. There are two major recording projects coming up in the near future: music of G. Kancheli and M. He frequently gives master classes for underprivileged kids across North America and in the countries of former Soviet Union.

Massa made history in , believed to be the first television news reporter in North America to wear a hijab on-air when she was hired as a video journalist for CTV News in Kitchener, Ontario. She made international headlines again after anchoring the evening newscast at CityNews Toronto in With more than a decade of experience in news, behind-the-scenes and on-air, Massa has worked for both local and national news outlets, in television and radio. Raised in Toronto, Massa arrived in Canada from Panama with her mom and older sister when she was a year old. After winning a speech competition in the third grade, her mother suggested her outgoing daughter pursue a career on television. Erie Maestro is passionate about early literacy and storytelling, and about community organizing and social justice work.

She also introduced the Pilipino Baby Welcoming Program, which welcomed all babies to the library and organized Pilipino language storytimes inside and outside the library. Maestro continues her advocacy for early literacy and storytelling in Pilipino even in her retirement. Maestro is a founding member and active volunteer of two grassroots organizations: Migrante BC, which protects and promotes the rights and welfare of Filipino migrants and immigrants and the Canada Philippines Solidarity for Human Rights A large part of her life in the Philippines was lived under the shadows of martial law as a student, human rights worker and organizer of the families of political prisoners where she saw firsthand the sacredness and fragility of human freedoms.

In , Maestro arrived in Nova Scotia with her young daughter and balanced her single mother roles and graduate student tasks. Her story is found in, And I will paint the sky: Women speak the story of their lives , a collection of autobiographies of Canadian women edited by Carole Trainer, and in Aboriginal and Visible Minority Librarians: Oral Histories from Canada , a collection of personal narratives edited by Lee and Kumaran. He appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada in a wide range of civil, constitutional, criminal and regulatory cases, before various provincial courts across Canada, the Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal, and Tax Court of Canada, and before federal and provincial administrative tribunals. Justice Jamal was born in Kenya, immigrated to England as a young child, and then immigrated to Canada at the age of He completed high school in Edmonton, Alberta.

He received a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Toronto, bachelor of laws and bachelor of civil law degrees from the Faculty of Law, McGill University, and a master of laws from Yale Law School, which he attended on a Fulbright Scholarship. He served as a law clerk to Justice Melvin L. Gonthier of the Supreme Court of Canada. Artist, writer, curator City: Fort St. John, B. Country of Origin: Philippines. John, in the Peace Region of Northeast B. Her awareness of the unique challenges of immigrants allows her to personally assist newcomers in her city. She also dreams that her art-concept for a Filipino-Canadian Friendship Monument will someday become a reality. Karla Briones arrived in Canada in a U-Haul truck with her family when she was 18, after a long five-day drive from her native country of Mexico.

We also partner with many other student groups, associations, and the Career Services Office to provide opportunities for students to advance environmental and social justice while engaging in networking opportunities within the greater legal community. Ultimately, we seek to help students learn about and hopefully pursue employment in public interest legal work after graduation. Please like us of Facebook and join our TWEN page for up-to-date information about events throughout the academic year. SFSG is a diverse group of students with wide-ranging interests in the growing fields of technology, entrepreneurship, intellectual property, telecommunications, and innovation. To that end, SFSG hosts Primer Lunches to introduce conference material and provide students with a unique opportunity to meet conference speakers before the event.

These Primers are a fantastic resource for anyone interested in a conference, whether they are already a subject matter expert or just think the topic sounds interesting. SFSG also provides additional opportunities for students to dive deeper into conferences by serving as Student Ambassadors. Finally, SFSG hosts social and networking events across the Front Range to connect students to the robust and diverse technology economy in Colorado. The aim of the club is to foster interactions between the students, professors, and staff with related interests, and develop connections with professionals in the field so students can network and work towards a career in Sports and Entertainment.

This club introduces students to a specialized field of law and provides an opportunity for students to break into the highly popular and competitive industry of Sports and Entertainment Law. SELSA will have an introductory meeting during the first couple weeks that classes start. Students can also sign up via TWEN. Details about the competition and how to apply will be discussed early in the fall semester. President: Peter Troupe, peter.

Secretary: Tanner Boyzuick, tanner. Treasurer: Stewart Ramsey, stewart. Chair Board Member: Danielle Woo, danielle. Chair Board Member: Cole Weber, james. SALDF is dedicated to providing a forum for education, advocacy, and scholarship aimed at protecting the lives and advancing the interests of animals through the legal system, and raising the profile of the field of animal law. SALDF is dedicated to the goals of educating the law school and surrounding community about forms of institutionalized animal abuse, and engaging in projects that combat that abuse.

SALDF is equally dedicated to protecting the lives and advancing the interests of animals through the legal system. The activities SALDF include hosting speakers, and events on current issues in animal rights and animal welfare law, carrying out research projects for lawyers and organizations promoting animal welfare and animal rights litigation; networking with students at other schools, conducting educational events such as information tables and video screenings on pertinent issues. The SBA oversees the activities of law school student organizations and allocates funding to them, administers the school's honor code with the Honor Council, and sponsors many educational, social, and athletic activities.

The University of Colorado Law Review has been the flagship academic journal at the University of Colorado since The members are currently in the process of publishing Volume 91! The Law Review is a general-interest journal of legal scholarship managed and edited by students and published four times per year. Members of the Law Review conduct independent legal research, prepare notes and comments for publication, and edit articles written by distinguished legal scholars and fellow members.

The Law Review also publishes articles presented at the annual Ira C. White Center. Membership also offers opportunities to rub shoulders with the large network of Law Review alums and allies. Interested students may apply for membership through the annual writing competition known as Write-On during the summer after 1L year. For more information about the University of Colorado Law Review go to our website at lawreview. In addition, WLC hosts several social events throughout the year, allowing students to get to know each other, community professionals, and law school faculty.

Though the WLC provides information about women, membership and participation are open to both male and female students, faculty and staff, and community members. During Spring Semester, students have the opportunity to run for a board position to become even more involved with the organization. A schedule will be posted outside of the bookstore, which is located on the first floor of the law school.

If additional information is needed, contact Rachel Hersch at rachel. Please note that the WLC Bookstore is cash or check only. Checks must have actual addresses; they cannot be temporary checks. Checks should be made out to the University of Colorado. Through supportive networking, mentorship opportunities, and collective initiatives, WoCC seeks to achieve its purpose of enriching the educational and social experience at the law school. WoCC is a place that hears, discusses, and addresses the concerns of women of color. Our goal is to foster conversation and uplift the student body at CU Law. WoCC's number one priority is to create a fully inclusive and welcoming environment to support every woman and member of our community.

We are committed to growing and evolving to fulfill this mission at all times. Trans women are women. Here at the Women of Color Collective, every woman is loved and supported. The Women of Color Collective welcomes any non-man in our space, where we provide a space and platform for them to live their best, most authentic lives. WoCC is committed to standing at the front lines of fighting and dismantling patriarchy, sexism, and all oppressive forces that harm marginalized peoples. Women of color, nonbinary people of color, and gender diverse peoples of color stand together -- in unity and strength -- as influential trailblazers in the legal arena.

If you are interested in re-starting one of the below organizations, e-mail law. Student leaders, do you need to update your organization's information on this page? Send an email to Student Affairs. Search Enter the terms you wish to search for. This site. Other ways to search: Events Calendar Campus Map. Breadcrumb Home Students Student Organizations. Student Organizations. The Asian Pacific American Law Students Association APALSA seeks to: Educate, represent and advocate the interests of Asian Pacific American and South Asian American law students at CU; Educate and promote a deeper understanding of the political, financial, social and historical role, contributions, and status of Asian Pacific Americans in America; encourage participation, leadership and community service amongst Asian Pacific Americans; Provide an opportunity for fellowship among its members and broaden career development opportunities for Asian Pacific law students at CU; Encourage cooperation with the DU chapter of APALSA as well as other organizations of minority law students; and Inspire students, law students and legal professionals to serve the interests and aspirations of Asian Pacific Americans and other under-represented peoples.

Carrigan Cup Student Trial Competition. Then, during the Spring semester, 1Ls can put their litigation skills to the test in the annual mock trial competition against the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, where they will be coached by CU's Mock Trial National Team Members and judged by practicing attorneys and local judges. As 2Ls and 3Ls, law students can compete in the aforementioned Carrigan Cup as well as try out for Colorado Law's National Mock Trial Team, through which students compete all over the country in prestigious external competitions. Zinman colorado. Moot Court Moot Court simulates appellate-level proceedings, wherein law students are given the opportunity to write an appellate-style brief and present oral argument in front of a panel of judges.

Transactional Transactional competitions provide law students interested in transactional law with the opportunity to hone their contract drafting, negotiation and arbitration skills. Students will be coached and judged by practicing transactional attorneys. As 2Ls and 3Ls, law students are able to tryout for the National Transactional Team, where students compete all over the country in various competitions, focusing on practice areas of choice such as entrepreneurial law, sports law, bankruptcy, intellectual property, and more. Duncan colorado. Officers: President: Stewart Ramsey, stewart. Officer Board: President: Serena Gudino, segu colorado. Novak colorado. Officers: Ben Hepler, President Benjamin.

Hepler Colorado. Rogers Colorado. Officers: Alex Clark, President alex. Officers: The election for the Class of Officers will occur in Fall of Obrien colorado. Davis colorado. Clayton colorado. Officers: Treasurer: Rhonda Sutor, rhonda. Miller-3 colorado. Berezina colorado. Analouei colorado.

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