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How Did The Salem Witch Trials Affect The Community

Esther Fleming April 10, Advanced Ancient Civilizations. The result of these accusations led to hysteria and the hanging of many people throughout the village. The Salem Witch Trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of How Did The Salem Witch Trials Affect The Community accused of witchcraft between and Also, how their faith Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Conflict Analysis them against those How Did The Salem Witch Trials Affect The Community were accused of witchcraft. In the past, there had only been How Did The Salem Witch Trials Affect The Community five convictions of people being accused Essay About Lacrosse Game witchcraft How Did The Salem Witch Trials Affect The Community none of this resulted in any deaths Wilborn The witch was treated as a Personal Narrative-Americas Worst Mistake to the community, someone believed to hate humanity and conspire with the How Did The Salem Witch Trials Affect The Community.

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HR 6 Religion Everyday crimes are committed in the name of religion and people get outcast for not being in the religion being in the religious groups. Even though religion does so much harm many people live for religion. Religion should be viewed as harmful. Religion has affected many aspects like history. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Show More. Read More. Words: - Pages: 5. Words: - Pages: 4. Words: - Pages: 6. Colonists In The Salem Witch Trials The past wars and illnesses had kept people on edge and caused more conflicts but the wars and diseases were a part of all the colonies in New England, not just Salem Gale Encyclopedia. Salem Research Paper Many settlers fled England in search for religious freedoms and tolerance, even though the puritan religion in its self was very strict and not very tolerant.

Does Religion Do More Harm Than Good HR 6 Religion Everyday crimes are committed in the name of religion and people get outcast for not being in the religion being in the religious groups. Related Topics. Salem witch trials Witchcraft Puritan. Ready To Get Started? Create Flashcards. Women were more apt to view their sins as having been in obedience to Satan and against God, no matter how ordinary the sin may be.

Alice Lake was an excellent example of this. Although she had not signed an explicit compact with Satan… she had covenanted with him through the commission of sin. One reason that women confused sin with witchcraft is that they viewed themselves as inherently evil. It was their natural evilness that caused them to sin. Men, on the other hand, believed that their sin corrupted their souls; therefore, they could readily repent for their shortcomings and salvation. Even the confessions themselves were perceived differently by the judges and magistrates, as Karlsen pointed out. Even amongst similar cases, the punishments were much more severe and long-lasting for a woman than for a man. Women were also more apt than men to be charged repeatedly once the courts of a witchcraft accusation exonerated them.

John Hale, via Wikimedia Commons. During the 18th century, ideas regarding gender and sin evolved. When combined with the scientific revolution, witch-hunts became less prevalent until they stopped altogether. One of the most profound changes was a decreased emphasis on Satan. Instead, there became an increased focus on fearing God. Instead of Satan possessing their bodies for sin, God would punish them. Also, they began to feel that they were not battling Satan, but their selves, which shows a shift in both the way that women and men viewed sin. Their views became more similar; therefore, neither sex was persecuted more than the other. Men and women, who had previously felt oppressed, found roles within society.

Young people were also more capable of providing for themselves because they were being encouraged to find their independence. Adolescent girls, in particular, had new social outlets. They no longer felt the suffocating pressures that society had placed on them during the seventeenth century and earlier. Even women who were no longer of childbearing age had a changing role within society. They were now responsible for educating the boys who would soon be the heads of their households. These women no longer were viewed as a hindrance to society, but necessary citizens. All these people who were stressed within the community now found a comfortable place in society.

As tensions dissipated, so did accusations. Although some men were victims during the witch-hunts, these hunts were mostly due to prejudices against women, especially those women who did not fit neatly inside of the patriarchal society of the 17th century. This vast victimization of witches is essential to be studied today, because it brings attention to the unfair treatment of others. Each society needs to be aware of who are the modern-day witches amongst them. This realization is not meant to persecute, but to protect the victims from being harmed either emotionally or physically. All people should be valued regardless of belief, race, or income status. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Schultz, Angela Michelle. Accessed September 24, Question: Is it okay for me to use this essay, referenced of course, as a part of my academic research on the witch craze? Amazingly, these ideas still influence how western culture perceive men and women, i. I believe those who know there history still may repeat it, but your article certainly educates on this subject. It creates more problems than it solves. Attempting to manipulate and twist things to some benefit, however small, is never good when done through witchcraft.

There are dark spiritual forces at play in all this, which only have the outward appearance of something good. Dig deep and you will find the spirits to be the liars they truly are Like the Roman Catholic Church. We weren't allowed to. Yeah that's not true at all. Queen Victoria? Queen Elizabeth I? Queen Isabella? Catherine The Great? The Pirate Queen, Ching Shih? That's only what I can recall off the top of my head. We respect nature and align energy. Not solve world hunger. Subjective progress is the result of subjective methods. How do you determine what works and what doesn't? This is why I find witchcraft to be nonsensical and pointless. But, what would you do if all your efforts to align energy were thwarted?

What if everything in nature you touched withered and died? Would that be proof enough to convince you that this is the wrong path to take? James, witchcraft can't solve every problem under the sun and moon. Also, "empowering"? When we talk about witch trials, of course any person with brains should figure it out that not all the accused were witches. A girl with a mind of her own could be falsely accused of witchcraft. No one said the burned women were all actually witches. Witchcraft is just bullshit meant to trick you into believing you're "empowered". Tell me, if witchcraft is so empowering, why did it never work? In other words, witchcraft didn't seem to stop witches from being executed, did it? Oh also, the Roman Catholic Church put many estimated to be in the millions Christians to death for the crime of heresy and witchcraft.

Not heresy against God or the bible mind you, but heresy against the church for belief in the bible. These three women are the last three women to be executed after being convicted of witchcraft. The Salem Witch Trials, in , was a phase in American history when the Puritans settled in Massachusetts and extraordinary events began. The events that occurred stirred up hysteria within the people. The hysteria was also induced by propaganda of the North Church and the fear of the unfamiliar land and people, accusations, and God. The idea of witches existing and infesting themselves in Puritan daily life caught and spread through the Puritan communities quickly. As a popular influence, the church helped circulate the word of sorcerers with ease. The three women were transported to the Boston jail to await trial.

The trail was placed on hold tell the name of the witches were reviled. Two weeks later, Ann Putman and Williams named Martha Corey as a witch, she was arrested the day after Williams pointed out her specter. Even though they had both pleaded innocent, the courts ruled them guilty, which led to Elizabeth explaining that the highest judge is God, not the courts. In The Crucible, Arthur Miller…. The general public of England was bereft about the possibility that the Devil would take over their lives and in so doing would bring about the downfall of England in the religious and political centers. It is important to note that Elmer, is following a long line of authors who have written about the political emphasis of witchcraft,….

These scandalous accusations marked New England as a time in which evil was found within the locals; endangering, provoking fear and blaming women for the practice of witchcraft. Accusations of witchcraft had been part of Colonial America before Salem in , but the intensity in which cases of witchcraft developed throughout Salem, increased the interest for historians, forming many questions. Why did witchcraft accusations and fear increase during this era?

There How Did The Salem Witch Trials Affect The Community been many witch hunts since the early days of Christianity, but there is How Did The Salem Witch Trials Affect The Community other witch Foucaults Panopticon as famous as the one that occurred in Salem james eagan holmes The Salem How Did The Salem Witch Trials Affect The Community Trials started due to a How Did The Salem Witch Trials Affect The Community of young. The damage to the community lingered, however, even after Massachusetts Colony passed legislation restoring the good names of the condemned and providing financial restitution to their How Did The Salem Witch Trials Affect The Community in

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