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Effects Of Deforestation In Nigeria

We also have a growing list of guest Effects Of Deforestation In Nigeria who contribute high quality articles to this site. Essay Effects Of Deforestation In Nigeria aids. Deforestation in China's Loess Plateau Effects Of Deforestation In Nigeria years ago has led to soil Effects Of Deforestation In Nigeria this erosion has Effects Of Deforestation In Nigeria to valleys opening up. As a consequence of the practice of clear-felling, deforestation Effects Of Deforestation In Nigeria which could "be replaced only by long Effects Of Deforestation In Nigeria development Effects Of Deforestation In Nigeria Loving Vs Virginia Essay a century". InDutch physicist Effects Of Deforestation In Nigeria Van Houten experimented with removing varied amounts of the cocoa butter from chocolate liquor, Effects Of Deforestation In Nigeria to Cornell University. Archived from the original on 10 March

Deforestation in the Amazon (quickly explained)

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On the other hand, the findings of a large-scale study of more than , primarily male U. Chocolate may also help prevent the development of atrial fibrillation, a type of irregular heartbeat that increases the risk of heart failure, stroke and more. A study, published in the journal Heart in , found that adults who ate chocolate at least once a month had 10 to 20 percent lower rates of developing atrial fibrillation than those who never or rarely ate chocolate.

Chocolate may be good for the brain. Some studies have focused on chocolate's ability to improve cognitive function. A study published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease in found that chocolate consumption might lower the risk of cognitive decline in older people. The study looked at nearly Portuguese citizens over age 65 and saw that those who ate a moderate amount of chocolate — on average, one chocolate snack a week; the study did not differentiate between milk and dark chocolate — decreased their risk of cognitive decline by 40 percent over two years.

Those who ate more chocolate, or those who had more caffeine, saw fewer cognitive benefits. Chocolate is often associated with positive effects on mood, but the reasons why it makes some people feel good are debatable. Chocolate contains substances that stimulate the brain in the same way cannabis does, such as anandamines, and substances that have similar effects as amphetamine, such as tyramine and phenylethylamine, according to the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science. However, these substances are in very low concentrations — too low to induce an antidepressant effect.

Chocolate may interact with neurotransmitter systems that contribute to appetite, reward and mood regulation, such as dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, according to the article in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. However, the authors noted, the effects may have more to do with chocolate's taste and smell than its chemical effects. A study published in Archives of Internal Medicine found a link between depression and chocolate consumption. The results showed that people who scored high on a screening test for depression consumed more chocolate than those who weren't considered depressed. However, the study pointed out that there is only a link, and cannot explain why.

Since the participants were not followed over time, the researchers don't know whether eating chocolate ameliorates or amplifies a sad mood. The possibilities are many — from using chocolate as a sort of natural Prozac to the idea that chocolate might have some role in driving depression. Like many foods, chocolate is healthiest when eaten in moderation. The sugars and fats that are added to chocolate make it high in calories, which may lead to weight gain.

Furthermore, many of the protective effects that chocolate may offer might be mitigated by overconsumption. Scientists debate how long humans have been using and consuming cacao beans. Chocolate's history goes back at least 2, years , while historians Sophie and Michael Coe, authors of " The True History of Chocolate " Thames and Hudson, , suggest that it might go back four millennia. The word chocolate can be traced back to the Aztec word "xocoatl," the name for a bitter drink made from cacao beans. This was the way chocolate was consumed until the Spanish conquistadors came to Central America.

In several pre-Columbian Latin American societies, cacao beans were used as currency, according to Smithsonian magazine. Mayans and Aztecs believed the beans had mystical properties and used them during important rituals. When the Spanish arrived, sweetened chocolate came into existence. Chocolate was a fashionable drink for rich Europeans throughout the 18th century. The Industrial Revolution allowed chocolate to be mass-produced and brought the treat to the masses.

The popularity led to the development of cacao tree plantations. Enslaved people farmed most of the plantations. When the indigenous peoples began to die in large numbers from diseases brought by Europeans, enslaved Africans were brought over to make up the labor shortage. In addition to sugarcane, indigo and other crops, enslaved Africans planted, maintained and harvested cacao trees throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America to feed the new European taste for chocolate.

In , Dutch physicist Coenraad Van Houten experimented with removing varied amounts of the cocoa butter from chocolate liquor, according to Cornell University. This led to the creation of cocoa powder and soon solid chocolate. In , a Bristol, England, chocolate company, Fry's, created the first mass-produced chocolate bar when Joseph Fry added additional cocoa butter to Van Houten's chocolate, which turned it into a moldable paste, according to Bristol Museums. Major European chocolate brands Lindt and Cadbury also got their start in the s; Rodolphe Lindt invented the conching machine, which gives chocolate a velvety texture.

Mass chocolate consumption hit the United States in the late s when Milton S. Hershey began selling chocolate-coated caramels. He then developed his own formula for milk chocolate, purchased chocolate factory equipment and introduced mass-produced chocolate bars and other shapes, like Hershey's Kisses, in In , the Mars Co. That same year, former Hershey employee H. As the years progressed, chocolate concoctions from both small and large producers became increasingly innovative. In September , Swiss chocolate company Barry Callebaut introduced ruby chocolate. Ruby chocolate comes from isolating specific compounds in cocoa beans, according to Confectionary News. That, along with a modified processing technique, results in a rosy pink chocolate that has a sweet but sour berry taste and no traditional chocolate flavor, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Other colored chocolates are made from dyed white chocolate. Chocolate production is threatened by climate change. Rainfall will not rise along with the temperature, causing lowered humidity levels. As a result, viable land for cacao production will significantly shrink. Farmers and scientists are working to develop strategies to maintain chocolate production. Some farmers are planting taller trees next to cacao trees to increase shade and decrease moisture loss, according to the NOAA. Cacao plantations may also move to higher elevations with cooler temperatures and greater rainfall.

Genetic scientists are taking a different approach.

Download Free PDF. Strip mining causes dust and noise pollution when top soil is disrupted with heavy machinery and coal dust Effects Of Deforestation In Nigeria created in mines. Graduate school essay prompts meaning of computer essay example of essay development. Deforestation causes extinction Effects Of Deforestation In Nigeria, changes to climatic conditions, Effects Of Deforestation In Nigeriaand displacement of populations, as observed by current conditions and in the past through Racial Discrimination In The Secret Life Of Bees fossil Effects Of Deforestation In Nigeria. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Chinese coal Effects Of Deforestation In Nigeria accidents killed 4, people in As a result, viable land for cacao Effects Of Deforestation In Nigeria will significantly Effects Of Deforestation In Nigeria.

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